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Comparison Between T1 and T3 Compressors

Comparison Between T1 and T3 Compressors Leave a comment

T1 and T3 Compressors

We all need air conditioners in our lives, especially those living in hot climates. Choosing the best and the right one should be our top priority. In the modern world, everything is advancing, and we also have Air conditioners with the latest technology. According to the needs of hot environment, the latest technology we have seen in air conditioners are T1 and T3 compressors. But before buying, you should know ACs equipped with these two compressors. So here we bring Comparison Between T1 and T3 Compressors. T3 compressor AC in Pakistan

What is Compressor?

The compressor uses compressing refrigerant to expel the heat out of the room from the AC’s evaporator. Imagine the compressor as a human body heart. As the heart pumps blood throughout the body, the compressor pumps the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. Refrigerant and blood share the same analogy; blood absorbs oxygen and circulates throughout the body; the refrigerant absorbs heat from the room and circulates it outside in the surrounding.

History from Split to Inverter Technology ( Fixed-speed to Variable Speed Compressors)

DC Inverters are the greatest invention of recent history. Inverters are the usage of BLDC motors that sense the environment needs and then maintain the compressor’s speed. In other words, with the inverter in place, the compressor can function at variable speed without pushing at the maximum, thus saving energy. The analogy of the car accelerator fits the inverter technology.

The DC inverter gives power to the compressor according to its requirement. Hence, with inverter technology, the compressor is always working but drawing different power as required according to the room thermostat setting. You can adjust the speed and power of the compressor accordingly. Thus, this allows efficient performance with optimal power use.

Other than AC Inverters, Split ACs come with Reciprocating Compressor. They were also called fixed-speed compressors as they never dropped the Amperes. In a reciprocating compressor, the up and down movement of the piston does the reciprocating compression. Apart from their high-pressure generating capacity, they have high operating costs and low efficiency. However, nowadays, Inverter technology Rotary Compressors accompanies most of the compressors.  Rotary inverter compressors contain a shaft with multiple blades attached to it. This bladed shaft rotates inside the cylinder enclosure pushing refrigerant gas through the cylinder and compressing it simultaneously.

T1 compressor ( Ordinary Compressor )

Ordinary Inverter ACs use single rotary compressors, which operate on a single operation single compression principle. However, this design resulted in generating a lot of vibrations and thereby increasing noise levels. This occurs as a result of shaft whirling during the operation of AC at full speed.

T1 compressors are basically made for those living in a moderate climate. In Pakistan, the areas having a temperature range of 16-45 degrees Celsius are the best fit for T1 compressor air conditioners. Moreover, its heat pump ranges from -7 to -45 degrees Celsius. Unlike the previous technology air conditioners, it has a Single rotary compressor which provides energy efficiency with lesser vibration and faster cooling. It can save energy up to 66%, giving you an edge in electricity bills.

Twin / Dual Rotary Compressors

Twin or Dual rotary compressors are working with two rotary compressors operating at a phase difference of 180 degrees. This improves the rotational balance and bolsters the compression torque, making it possible for the compressor to operate from just 700 RPM to a peak frequency of 8000 RPM. That’s why dual inverter ACs can achieve variable tonnage. Hence, a 1.5-ton compressor unit can vary in its power from 0.3 to 1.8 tonnage.

Dual rotary compressor ACs are better than T1 compressor ACs ( Ordinary DC Inverter). But they are not T3 ( High Climate)

T3 Compressor ( Dual rotary + High climate) / T3 compressor AC in Pakistan

T3 compressor is one of the latest technologies leaving behind all ACs in terms of cooling and efficiency. For those living in a hot climate, T3 compressor air conditioners come to rescue people from their frustration with intense heat. With their dual rotary compressor and ability to bear high temperatures, these ACs can efficiently function up to 60 degrees Celsius. Most companies offer up to 75% energy efficiency with the use of T3 Compressors. Giving a big relief to your electricity bills. Moreover, its Dual rotary compressor technology provides even lesser vibration and faster cooling than any other AC unit. Furthermore, its outdoor unit does not need any shelter and keeps on working without tripping in extremely hot conditions.

Benefits of T3 Compressors

  • In past, companies used to sell T1 compressor ACs which were only effective in moderate temperatures. However, in areas where the temperature goes above 50 degrees Celsius, there is a decrease in the efficiency of T1 compressor ACs. As most areas of Pakistan have a hot climate and the temperature goes on to extreme levels, survival is difficult for the people living in homes or at workplaces.
  • To combat this issue, T3 compressors are made to ease life. T3 compressors are the best as being the most efficient next-generation technology. It has a Dual Rotary Compressor which provides energy efficiency with lesser vibration, and faster cooling. Moreover, its outdoor unit does not need any shelter and keeps on working without tripping in extremely hot conditions. Where most of the air conditioners stop functioning properly, T3 compressor ACs can efficiently function up to 53 degrees Celsius.
  • With these features, life in summers becomes easy and more effective. In addition, this technology comes up with great savings of electricity. As electricity prices are going high, these T3 compressor ACs are up to 75% energy efficient providing a big relief to your wallet.

Samsung, Midea, TCL, Kenwood, Chiq, Dawlance – Only these companies have offered real T3 Compressors in Pakistan

Intellisense Inverter ( Not introduced in Pakistan)

Intellisense Technology that senses the outdoor and indoor temperature and the number of individuals in the room. They also significantly limit electricity consumption which translates into energy savings. Intellisense inverter is a concoction of silent cooling with noise levels of 37dB. Comparison Between T1 and T3 Compressors.

Scroll Inverter Compressors ( Not introduced in Pakistan)

Some leading brands are also experimenting with a scroll inverter compressor. There are two scrolls, one of which is fixed, and the other orbits around the fixed one through the swing link in the models coming with this type of inverter compressor. During the compression, the orbiting scroll pushes refrigerant towards the center, causing a reduction in the volume of gas. Then the center port is used to discharge the gas to the condenser subsequently. The biggest advantage of scroll compressors is that they require fewer moving parts and minimal torque variation.

The Conclusion

To conclude our thoughts on all these engineering paragons, it is highly suggestive by looking at the literature that one should go for the Inverter technology. Yet, among Inverter technology, Dual Rotary compressors that are T3 compressors are best as being the next-generation technology. and covers the widest temperature range. Also, they are energy efficient, with a higher performance index and less noise.

Read our new blog post about Top 10 Best T3 DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan. We hope you will get more knowledge out of this.

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