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Terms and Conditions ( Privacy Policy )

How We Collect Data and Why

This privacy policy will cover in-depth how M&S Electronics collects data from you as a customer and how we plan on using it. We will:

  • Make sure you understand what types of personal information we are collecting and how we will use it.
  • This ‘policy’ explains how we protect the personal information we collect from you.
  • Moreover, we will also highlight what rights you have regarding the information we collect.

This policy applies to everyone that uses our services and orders anything from M&S Electronics. It applies if you buy from any of our subsidiaries, visits our website, contacts us, and/or agree to receive our newsletter and promotions.

Personal Information Collected by M&S Electronics

M&S Electronics collects the following types of personal information:

  • All your personal details are collected every time you make a purchase. This may include your name, phone number, email address, postal and billing address, debit or credit cards details through a secure payment, gender, and date of birth.
  • If you make an account on the website we will have collected your username and an encrypted password.
  • For a better user experience and relevant Ads, our external advertisers may be collecting your interests, profile, and preferences. They can have access to your behavior on our website when you click on any adverts.
  • We collect information about what you purchased online, when, and where you purchased it.
  • We can also have relevant information like make, model, operating system, browser, and IP address for the devices that you have used to access our website and services.
  • We will also have information about your precise location.
  • When you contact us for a service or a promotion we will have information about your email address and personal profile. Moreover, we will have the responses to any customer service reports and satisfaction questionnaires that you fill. M&S Electronics will never ask you to submit any passwords through such forms.
  • M&S Electronics may collect any publicly available information about you from other entities that may include contact information, preferences, interests, and previous purchase history.
  • Any information collected through these means will help us in understanding and build a better marketing strategy and providing you with a better user experience.

Even if you do not agree to share this personal information with us, you will still be able to visit M&S Electronics. Although, some of this information is necessary for us to collect if you want to avail of certain services such as purchasing or getting information about a product. In such cases, we will not be able to provide you with any assistance.

How Does M&S Electronics Use this Personal Information?

M&S Electronics may use your collected personal information for the following reasons:

  • We will use your personal information to get the services we offer, such as processing your online orders and delivering them to you in time.
  • We will also use the information to manage all your accounts and any possible refunds.
  • Keeping in mind our legitimate business interests and advanced user experience, we can use your personal information to provide a better and more personalized experience for you. We may use this information to create relevant homepage options for you and show you relevant ads.
  • For a better user experience, we may collect your user behavior and interests on and off-site. We can also provide you with better marketing ideas that you are more likely to get attracted to and this also helps us to mark the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. This can also lead us to send relevant information and promotional news to you as SMS or email.
  • Your personal information can also be used to communicate with you through telemarketing, SMS, flash messages, push notifications, and emails. We can communicate with you about our services, manage promotions, get personal feedback, or for ease in product delivery. We can also urge you to take part in customer feedback reports and analyses as well as feedback questionnaires.
  • We use the relevant information you provide to improve our regular operations and our website. This helps us to eliminate any chances of fraud and get proper verification.

Sharing your Personal Information:

M&S Electronics may share your personal information with third-party beneficiaries, business partners, and vendors that we may connect you with. These can be as follows:

  1. We can share information with our retail partners, which are other companies that may use our platform to sell you their products. This shared information helps them to provide their services to you.
  2. We may share relevant and necessary personal information with service providers that we work with. They may be providing us with data handling services, data management, and analysis, and IT-related services. We will only share the information that helps them perform their duties more efficiently.
  3. We may share your personal information with other organizations if we are legally bound, if we have to safeguard, establish and defend our own legal rights, if we sell our company and business interests to another entity, to any successors of our business name and if we transfer the rights to them.

Protection of your Data and Personal Information

M&S Electronics takes strict actions to safeguard and protect your personal information from any kind of misconstrued use, fraud, extortion, and any other crimes. However, we do not claim to be a 100% secure website as no online website can. We cannot be held responsible for any leak or unauthorized access beyond our control to your personal information shared with M&S Electronics.

M&S Electronics does not endorse any information or posts on social media that we have not posted ourselves.

M & M&S Electronics may retain the personal information you agree to share with us for as long as we need it to provide services listed in this Privacy Policy. M&S Electronics will continue using the information as long as we have an active relationship. If or when our working relationship ends, data retention depends upon our legal constraints and obligations.

Cookies and Related Information

M&S Electronics website uses cookies, tags, pixels, and any other similar technology to make sure the users get a better and personalized user experience. Cookies mean small data files stored on your computer, laptop, or other device and can also collect data. Cookies enable us to perform better in marketing strategies and showing relevant advertisements. You will be always notified beforehand if a website uses cookies. You can accept, reject or delete any existing or new cookies through your browser settings.

Your Rights and Choices

M&S Electronics cannot collect any personal information without your consent and acceptance. Customers have rights and choices at all times that they can make concerning the data collected about them. You always have a right to receive a copy of the data we have collected on you. You can request a copy by emailing here: [email protected]

Following the local law, here are your legal rights regarding your personal information and its sharing:

  • Change of the information we have on you.
  • Erase or delete all your personal information.
  • You can limit the use of your personal information and we are legally bound to assist you.
  • You can deny us permission to use your personal information.
  • You can also take back any previously allowed permission or consent to use your personal information.
  • You can ask to receive your personal information and you can also send it to any third parties that you choose to.
  • You can lodge an official complaint if any information has been collected without your prior consent.

If you are concerned about the use, collection, and confidentiality of collected personal information please connect with us through the given information. We will honor your requests and answer all your concerns.

Update in Privacy Policy

M&S Electronics may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as need be. If the processor usage of your data is different from when you first agreed to the policy, you will be notified of an update. Please make sure that you read the terms & conditions applied before you accept them. You should review the Privacy Policy frequently for any possible updates and changes too.

Children’s Personal Information

Please note that our online website and services are not directed towards children and if you are providing information about a kid that is less than 13 years of age you are also giving positive parental consent. Only do this if you are the parent or legal guardian and have the authority to permit to collect, use and distribute the child’s personal information according to this Privacy Policy.

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