Now you can get instalments with Bank Alfalah and Faysal Bank’s noor credit credit cards at checkout. Go through each product’s Qisst calculator under the respective product’s price tag (red button under Price mentioned).              M&S Electronics ensures your best services and support in aftersale services in respective brands, we really thank our valued clients for shopping at M&S Electronics and always welcome your feedback.              We have been live on DigiMall (Faysal Bank) and AlfaMall (AlfaMall) for 24+ months and we proudly serve our clients nationwide.                           For corporate inquiries please contact us at 0309-9999054 (Call/Whatsapp)

About US

M&S Electronics ( is a family-run business and that is why integrity runs through our core. We have been learning the trade through various national and multinational electronic store and have now established one of our own. We like to think of ourselves as a people’s business as we include business ethics, loyalty, truthfulness, reliability, and efficiency all into one.

M&S Electronic Store has been a part of the electronics industry of Pakistan since 2007 and is now well-versed in all tricks of the trade. Our Company only takes on vendors that have proven their reliability to us over the course of time. Bringing you an online store that has guaranteed genuine products on sale with amazing prices is what we have aimed for.

The e-commerce industry of Pakistan has a long way to go and M&S Electronic Store ( wants to make a lasting impression. Online shopping in Pakistan is a blooming flower and the possibilities are endless. It is the global digital age and no one is willing to spend more time on something than necessary. Online shopping not only saves your time but also saves the hassle. Keeping this vision in mind M&S Electronic Store( brings forward the idea of same-day delivery in Lahore and we are one of the very few online businesses that can make that mark.

How We Work:

The story behind this online marketplace is simple and all we care about is making a difference in our customers’ lives. Our Company takes pride in how we conduct our business and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make sure that our customers have a reliable opportunity to scroll through our vast catalog of machines and pick something knowing very well that their choice is genuine and they will only get the best. We provide an online store offering all electronics under the sun from home appliances, to kitchen appliances, and commercially usable electronics. With M&S Electronics ( we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction with timely deliveries and highly competitive prices.

M&S Electronics ( is the ultimate destination for you to shop online. We make sure that the products are delivered to you exactly as advertised. We are proud to say that all products on display at the online store have a running and valid brand warranty. The goal is one – customer satisfaction – and we are working hard to achieve it.


Muhammad Qasim Iqbal


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