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Hand Mixer / Egg Beater

For short kitchen jobs, a hand mixer is unbeatable. It is also called Egg Beater. With this beater, you may mix, whip, knead, and do other things to your favourite baking or cooking recipes. It’s is a flexible instrument that may help you achieve the ideal consistency for your recipe, whether it’s for a savoury dish or a sweet dessert. The way you operate your egg beater can have a significant impact on your baking. Discover how to make your favourite recipes.

What Purpose Do Hand Mixers/Egg Beaters Serve?

A hand mixer can make a wide range of cuisines. You can quickly scramble eggs, combine your favourite cookie recipe, and easily blend icings or vinaigrettes. The best tool for small to medium-sized batches are those. The manner you use a hand mixer might affect whether you want to mix, whisk, cream, or fold.


One of the most popular uses for an electric hand mixer is mixing. Simply described, it entails mixing two or more materials until they form a single cohesive product. Air is added to the batter or dough during mixing, which helps baked items have the best volume and texture.


Using a wire whisk to agitate wet ingredients and incorporate air is known as whipping in baking. Whipping helps you adjust the volume and lightness of your baked goods by incorporating perspective into wet components. A hand mixer may help make sure your completed product is light and airy whether you’re making a savoury dish or layer cake.


A light, airy component, such as whisked egg whites and sugar into the batter, or dry ingredients, such as chopped nuts and chocolate or even flour, into a thicker, heavier mixture must be gently included by folding in baking. To make delectable chocolates, use a hand mixer on low speed to gently stir roasted nuts into cookie dough or melted chocolate into meringue.


It takes many minutes of constant pushing and pulling to transform a sticky lump of flour, water, yeast, salt, sugar, and occasionally a fat like butter, oil, or eggs into a smooth ball of dough. There are various techniques for kneading yeast dough, and you can achieve the right consistency by utilising a hand mixer with a dough hook attachment.

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