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What is 4K TV – Ultra High Definition LED TV Leave a comment


4K TV is an emerging technology as compared to HD vision that had its boom in the past years. What makes 4K different from an ordinary HD TV is its usage of (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) 8 million pixels which is 4 times more than an ordinary HD TV (1,920 x 1,080).

Hence, the detailed experience of picture quality and depth, renders the image much more lifelike. For this, images should be viewed on 65 inches or large TV sets.

But when it comes to choosing the 4K TV you need, options are plenty and tech buzzwords create a monodrama. Hence, you can forget a “good deal”. Reminding of, from inexpensive sets to high-end screens costing thousands of rupees, each 4K is slightly different but the choice is easy to made considering your needs. We are here to give you a great shopping experience. So, buy 4K LED TV from M&S Electronics. M&S Electronics offers the best price LED TVs.

4K TV, UHD TV, and Ultra HD

Rendering to the meaning of 4K TV, the term is shorthand of 4000 pixels and refers to a horizontal display resolution of the set. In terms of 4K sets, named as “4K UHD”, Ultra High definition, or “UHDTV”, they all mean basically the same thing. However, 4K can also refer to a budding tech of 8K TV.

Hence, with 8 million pixels on the go, which are 4 times the pixels of the now-aging 1080P HDTV, 4K doubles the pixel density. Thus, this pixel density helps in larger TVs and makes the image sharper and depths clearer. In addition, the small screen size TVs look sharper than large ones because of the 8-million-pixel arrangement.

Moreover, the 4K TV sets come with “60 Hz” and “120 Hz” refresh rates. With a 60 Hz refresh rate, you can have 60 new images per second. However, with a 120 Hz refresh rate, there are 120 new images per second. Hence, you can have less motion blur, a quick-changing interface, and a sharper overall image.

Although, beware of the tech giants touting about refresh rate 240 Hz or more than 240 Hz. These numbers are inflated with software tricks and features generally detrimental to the viewing experience. Make sure to look for the native refresh rate, 60Hz is good but 120Hz is ideal.

M&S Electronics is a house of original appliances. So, don’t fret about the quality and hop on to our website to buy an online LED TV.

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Watching 4K Content

Of course, if you are about to watch a 4K content, you need more than a 4K content. There must be an internet speed of more than 25Mbps that can stream such high-quality content. Moreover, for filming a 4K content, 4K cameras are required that shoot on the specific frame rate and pixels. Watching 4K needs a content shot in 4K quality to stream on the 4K TV.

Ditching online streaming and watching 4K content stored in 4K requires you to consider purchasing Ultra HD and Blu0ray discs, that support 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range. Hence, this offers more vibrant colors and dynamic blacks.

By going physical, you’ll benefit from a higher bitrate, which means a higher quality picture compared to the streaming of an identical film. If you’re a cinephile, go physical. If you can’t tell the difference, or can’t be bothered cluttering your home with even more discs, then stream away. It looks great either way.

Lighting, Dimming, and High Dynamic Range

The most impressive feature of 4K TV sets is their ability to support HDR. This makes the color sharper, images more vibrant and motion rate smoother. Moreover, 4K technology adds a bit of spice and gives a wider color spectrum. As a result, HDR content looks more vibrant than non-HDR content, but it needs HDR-capable TV and HDR-supported content.

There are different standards of HDR as HDR10 and HDR10+ followed by Dolby Vision. HDR10 is a common format as compared to HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. HDR10+ is new, advanced but less recognized, though emerging. While Dolby Vision is more recognized and it provides a new set of colors and is supported by various content makers and manufacturers. While buying a set, make sure that support for more standards is always better.

LCDs today are using LEDs to light up their screens. The technologies like -edge-lit and backlit lighting- light your screen usually channel that light across your screen differently.

Hence, to get the best TV experience, M&S Electronics has a wide array of 4K UHD LED TVs that you can choose from.

Edge-lit TVs

The edge-lit sets pack illuminates the picture from the edges to the center. Edge-lit TVs are usually thinner than their back-lit counterparts. Hence, edge-lit is more preferred regarding space and aesthetics. However, you have to sacrifice image quality with aesthetics. Edge-lit TVs don’t do the best job at reproducing dark scenes and you’ll get more of a dark grey than inky blacks.

Back-lit TVs

Back-lit sets put the LEDs behind the screen itself rather than along its edges. That allows for a more uniform picture compared to edge-lit sets. The lighting technology used in your 4K UHD LED set will also affect another feature: local dimming. As the name suggests, local dimming controls the LED brightness in sections on your screen, which increases contrast from the TV’s brightest white to its darkest black. More sections — or zones — means more precise control over scenes, and a better picture overall.

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