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Types Of Electric Room Heaters

Electric room heaters are no less than a miracle during frosty weather. Many people prefer buying electric heaters rather than gas ones. Despite of the fact that electric heater price in Pakistan is more than gas heater, people still buy them beacuse they are risk-free and do not cause suffocation. 
It is worth mentioning that Sui gas supply gets short in Pakistan due to which people have shifted their focus from gas heaters to electric heaters. Electric room heater price in Pakistan varies with the type of heater you choose as electric heatetrs are of many types. Let’s have a look at different types of electric heaters. 

Infrared Heaters

Infrared electric heaters come with a built-in thermostat for regulating the heat output automatically. The main feature in infrared heaters is the quartz bulb which act as the main heating element. More valuable infrared heaters have longer-lasting bulb life. Moreover, the exterior of these heaters is heat-resistant. 

Space Heaters

Space heaters are relatively small in size. The also possess a built-in thermostat but they are controllable. You can adjust the intensity of heat according to your liking. The in-bulit fans work to dissipate the heat while the air filter inserted in these heaters prevent dust from getting in heating compartment.

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are loved by Pakistanis as they are portable and can be carried anywhere. The electric fan heater promises durability and safety thus minimizing the risk of fire hazards. With the rotation of fan, ones gets a blast of warm air through these electric fan heaters. 

Halogen Heaters

The Halogen electric heater price in Pakistan is comparatively lower than the other types. These heaters are best for instant heat. The heating element installed in these heaters is the bulb.They are best if you want radiant heat which means that they heat the area only in front of them. 
The electric room heater price in Pakistan varies with the type and model. You can buy the electric room heaters at MNS electronics. 

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