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Trion Connect-2201 UPS 2200VA/1800W/24V

  • Simulated Sine wave inverter
  • Wide input voltage range: 90-280VAC
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Charge current varies from 0-20 Amperes Selectable
  • Alarm for low battery, overload and fault indication
  • Suitable for 6 Tube lights or 16 Energy savers or 30 LED Bulbs & 6 Fan

 46,900  49,900

Experience Reliable Power Backup with the Trion Connect-2201 UPS 2200VA/1800W/24V

When it comes to ensuring uninterrupted power for your essential appliances and devices, the Trion Connect-2201 UPS 2200VA/1800W/24V is the solution you can trust. Packed with advanced features and robust performance capabilities, this UPS offers peace of mind during power outages.

Simulated Sine Wave Inverter for Smooth Power Delivery

The Trion Connect-2201 features a simulated sine wave inverter that ensures a stable and clean power supply to your connected devices. This technology safeguards your sensitive electronics from potential damage caused by power fluctuations and surges.

Wide Input Voltage Range for Versatility

With a wide input voltage range of 90-280VAC, this UPS can adapt to varying power conditions, making it suitable for regions with inconsistent electricity supply. You can rely on it to maintain a steady power output even in challenging environments.

Comprehensive Protection Mechanisms

Safety and protection are paramount, which is why the Trion Connect-2201 is equipped with overload and short-circuit protection. It guards against overloading and ensures your connected devices stay safe and functional.

Flexible Charging Options

Customize your charging preferences with the Trion Connect-2201. The charge current is adjustable, ranging from 0 to 20 Amperes, allowing you to optimize the charging process based on your specific needs.

Alerts for Peace of Mind

Stay informed about your UPS’s status with built-in alarms for low battery, overload, and fault indications. These alerts ensure that you are always aware of UPS’s operational status and can take necessary action when needed.

Versatile Capacity for Various Appliances

The Trion Connect-2201 is versatile, offering enough power to support a range of appliances during power outages. It can efficiently run 6 tube lights, 16 energy-saving bulbs, 30 LED bulbs, and 6 fans simultaneously, ensuring that your essential devices and lighting remain operational.

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