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Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 1-Ton Inverter Heat and Cool WiFi Smart AC


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  • 3DC Inverter AC
  • 12000 BTU – 1-Ton
  • T3 Compressor
  • 4-Way Air Flow
  • 75% Energy Efficient
  • 700m3/h Air Flow
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Gen Mode ( Ampere Lock Feature )
  • 140 Low Voltage Start
  • Turbo Cooling and Heating
  • Blue/Gold Fin Condense
  • 5 Year PCB Card Warranty
  • 10 Year Compressor Warranty


Out of stock

Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 1-Ton Inverter Heat and Cool WiFi Smart AC

Full 5DC Inverter AC

The Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 1-Ton Inverter Heat and Cool WiFi Smart AC is a top-of-the-line air conditioning unit that offers advanced features and superior performance. Equipped with a full 5DC inverter, this AC provides efficient and precise cooling and heating while minimizing energy consumption. Enjoy a comfortable indoor environment all year round without worrying about high energy bills.

12000 BTU – 1-Ton

With a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU, the Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 1-Ton Inverter Heat and Cool WiFi Smart AC is perfect for cooling small to medium-sized spaces. Whether it’s a bedroom, office, or living room, this AC unit delivers powerful cooling performance to keep you comfortable even during the hottest summer days.

T3 Compressor & 75% Energy Efficient

The T3 compressor in the Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 AC ensures efficient operation even in extreme temperatures, making it suitable for regions with harsh weather conditions. With a remarkable energy efficiency rating of 75%, this AC unit helps you save on electricity bills while maintaining optimal comfort levels. Experience cool and cozy indoor environments without any compromise on energy efficiency.

4-Way Air Flow & 700m3/h Air Flow

Enjoy uniform cooling throughout your space with the 4-way air flow feature of the Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 AC. This intelligent design ensures that cool air reaches every corner of the room, eliminating hotspots and providing consistent comfort. With an impressive air flow rate of 700m3/h, this AC quickly circulates fresh air, creating a refreshing and revitalizing atmosphere.

WiFi Enabled

Stay in control of your comfort from anywhere with the Wi-Fi-enabled functionality of the Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 AC. Using your smartphone or other smart devices, you can effortlessly adjust temperature settings, switch between cooling and heating modes, and schedule operation timings. This feature offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to come home to the perfect temperature every time.

Gen Mode (Ampere Lock Feature)

The Gen Mode, or Ampere Lock feature, in the Pel Jumbo DC Prime T3 AC, protects the compressor during low-voltage situations. It stabilizes the unit’s operation and prevents damage, ensuring longevity and durability. Even in areas with unstable power supply, you can rely on this AC to perform reliably and efficiently.

140 Low Voltage Start & Turbo Cooling and Heating

The Pel Jumbo T3 AC is equipped with a 140 low-voltage start feature, allowing it to start smoothly even in situations where the voltage supply is low. This ensures uninterrupted cooling or heating, giving you peace of mind during voltage fluctuations. Additionally, the turbo cooling and heating function provides rapid temperature adjustment, allowing you to quickly create a comfortable indoor environment.

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