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Orient 1.5 Ton 18G T3 DC Inverter Heat and Cool, Ultron Super Mirror


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  • Mirror Finish Dual Injection indoor
  • Auto Pilot function saves electricity up to 80%
  • Built-in Energy Meter
  • 50 Feet long Air Throw
  • Low Voltage Operation (Startup at 140V)
  • Heat and Cool
  • R-410A Eco Friendly
  • Made In Japan Digital High-efficiency Chip
  • Anti Corrosion Gold Fin For Evaporator and Condenser (0.6 Microns)
  • Double Layer Condenser
  • Up to 60% Electricity Saving


Out of stock

Orient 1.5 Ton 18G T3 DC Inverter Heat and Cool, Ultron Super Mirror

Orient DC Inverter Ultron Super Mirror is equipped with the next-generation T3 Compressor is a blessing in this sweltering heat. With its 4D airflow and big indoor of 1.1 Meters, it supplies air fast and wide without focusing on a single person. In addition, it can also save 80% of its energy with its autopilot feature.

Orient DC inverters are different from other inverters because of their smart Wi-Fi technology and easy accessibility through the MEVRIS application. You can control all your Inverter’s features through this application.

Smart Electricity Management

The Built-in Energy meter is a new invention that Orient has introduced in the inverter arena. Many claimed that their inverters are energy-saving and provided an estimated saved amount. However, Orient has a Smart Electricity Management system (MEVRIS APP) that tells the amount of voltage your inverter is receiving. It automatically adjusts its settings according to the provided voltage and adjusts fan speed, temperature, running hours, and sleep time.

Hence, this allows you to get real-time information about running the inverter in form of a graph that shows the previous record. Thus, you will get to know the hours when your Inverter will give you maximum performance. Also, the user can schedule the air conditioner to run at a certain time, in a certain way for weeks, months, or even years, making living luxuriously convenient.

Smart Control and Schedule Management

Orient DC Inverter Ultron Super Mirror Heat & Cool is accessible through the MEVRIS application. One can download the application from the app store and can control Orient Inverters from their mobile. Moreover, the user can access his Inverter from anywhere in the world through MERVIS App which is available on the Play Store but can also be accessed by pointing a standard web browser to

Big Indoor

Orient DC Inverter Ultron Super Mirror Heat & Cool throws air 50 feet long. Furthermore, it can operate on a voltage as low as 70 Volts. In addition, the air is blown through condenser coils thus making it cooler. Orient implies Gol Fin coils making it corrosion free which as a result increases its durability. Thus, Gold Fin technology helps protect the coils from external damage, and the accumulation of water, acids, and other salts.

Powerful T3 Compressor

T3 compressors are a revolution in the new Era. They are more efficient and powerful than single rotary inverters and make operations smoother. T3 compressors gear up the performance of the compressor while it’s 52 C outside They have two motors working at a phase difference of 180 degrees so it is quieter and more efficient and extremely chilling inside.

AutoPilot with Gen Mode ( Orient Ultron Super Mirror )

This feature is unique in Orient as they developed this in their own R&D facility at Orient. With the AutoPilot function, the ACs Fan motor is given a pause of 3 minutes every 15 minutes by default. In this way, more energy efficiency is ensured. Along with this, consumers also provide control to lock the AMPs on 30%, 50%, or 70%.

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