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Haier DC Inverter AC HSU-18HFPAA/CA 1.5T Heat and Cool, Pearl Series

  • Turbo Cooling & Heating
  • Multi Color Options
  • Self Cleaning, UPS Enabled, WiFi Enabled
  • One-touch cleaning
  • Low Voltage Startup 150V
  • Power Input (W) 410 to 2200
  • Running Current (A) 2.3 to 10.2
  • Air throw: 1100 m3/h
  • Refrigerant R32
  • 10-year compressor+4-year PCB kit+1-year parts warranty
  • Buy with Alfalah Credit Card from AlfaMall on easy Installments

 172,900  186,000

Haier DC Inverter AC HSU-18HFPAA/CA 1.5T Heat and Cool, Pearl Series

The Haier DC Inverter AC technology is a modern invention. Apart from previous AC compressors, DC compressors use inverter technology to regulate the speed of the compressor. Hence, you can regulate the efficiency of the compressor according to the required need. This is done by a variable-frequency drive that consists of an adjustable electrical inverter to control the speed of the compressor. The Inverter air conditioners have increased efficiency, extended their durability, and managed sharp fluctuations in load. Thus, this makes the DC inverter more quitter, efficient, and energy-saving.

Eco Friendly

The major advantage that the Haier DC Inverter AC HSU-18HFPAA holds is its capacity to regulate compressor speed. The Inverter senses outdoor and indoor conditions, the setting of the thermostat, and the number of individuals in the room and then runs the compressor accordingly.

Haier DC Inverter AC HSU-18HFPAA/CA Saves Money

As per the operational methods of the DC Inverter, the regulation of compressor speed is the key to saving money. Hence, a normal compressor can work within a range of 850 to 2250 watts in the case of 1.5 Ton AC. Henceforth, there will be a remarkable difference in electricity bills.

Soundless operation

The compressor of the Haier DC Inverter AC HSU-18HFPAA/CA does not turn on and off all the time. The Inverter tends to manage the compressor at a low speed when required minimal in the room setting that saves it from unwanted electricity consumption. Furthermore, it produces less sound. Irrespective of the non-inverter AC, they keep on running at full speed to maintain temperature. Thus, the Non-Inverter AC produces more noise.

Long Life

Technological advances in Haier DC Inverter AC make the machine durable and more long-lasting. The Heating and Cooling are increased with saving energy and protection from unwanted sounds.

Haier DC Inverter AC HSU-18HFPAA/CAFaster Cooling/Heating

 DC Inverters being new and more modern uses rotary compressors that are more efficient. Furthermore, they moved to twin rotary compressors that are T3 compressors that give rapid cooling and heating. The BTUs that they consume are massive, and bigger indoor designs with 4D split airflow result in increasing the rate to heat and cool the room.

Smart Capabilities

A smart DC Inverter AC will provide you with complete control over energy consumption and usage through your PC and portable smart devices. Moreover, it will give you complete insights into all technical metrics such as watts, voltages, current, and units consumed. Furthermore, A smart AC also lets the user schedule the time for AC to automatically turn itself on or off. In addition, it gives a more personalized experience when you can control your AC through your mobile via an application that can be downloaded from the application store.

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Haier DC Inverter, Haier HSU-18HFP, Pearl Inverter

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