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What is Google TV? Is It not Android, What are its traits? Leave a comment




Well, you can access Google TV on the latest Chromecast. This feature is also available in some of the latest smart TVs of Hisense, TCL, and Sony. Google TV vows to give competition to other streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc., so let’s get a view of what Google TV is. Moreover, is it a replacement for Android TV, and what are its advantages?

What is Google TV? Is it the interface of Android TV?

Google TV is the next step interface of Android TV. With an Android TV, you have to download streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc one by one. However, some of the TV brands make them readily available on televisions and give one push button on the remote controller for your convenience. You only have to select any of the services you wish to watch and enjoy your desired content.

But here’s the deal of the century! With Google TV you just need to sign in once and for all. Yes, you read it right! Only one sign-in will allow you to find your desired content from one interface of Google TV. No need to search for Netflix or its series “The Sandman”. You just need to Switch on the TV, and search “The Sandman”. You will find the content in seconds.

Since Google TV mixes content in one interface, you can search across all streaming services: Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc. Hence, the interface contains tabs like browse for movies, shows, and apps or to assess your library, which consists of the content you earlier purchased from Google via Play Movies and TV.

Google TV makes use of Google’s machine learning, Google Assistant, and Google’s Knowledge Graph information base to learn your viewing habits. You need to sign in for use, and the content you see in your suggestions is due to your profile. You must know the content will only draw from the streaming services you sign into. If you mostly prefer watching Netflix and HBO Max content, the suggestions will contain the content of those services.

Is it difficult to use?

No, it is so simple to try. One only has to simply sign in for use.  It is so simple that even your kid can easily use it. Are you wondering about your kid? Yes, your kid has many types of games is available on Google TV like Ocean horn, Tricky Titans, and Alien invaders. Your kid only has to know to search games through voice or word.

On which Devices can Google TV run?

Google TV is supported by certain devices and services like Chromecast as well as Google Stadia (streaming service for games). Moreover, Android TVs like TCL, Sony, and Hisense, Android phones, and tablets can easily access its apps. However, services supported by the Android app differ in every region and Google TV is trying to overcome this barrier.

Which TV brands offer the Google TV feature


TCL Series in 2022 has come up with the P, C, and X series. Out of all, the C series is offering the most unique and promising features. The marketing head of TCL in Pakistan Majid Khan in the TCL C series inaugural ceremony said, “The introduction of the C-Series will raise the bar for consumer entertainment in Pakistan in a big way in 2022 and TCL is proud to unveil its highly awaited C-series range”

The C series of TCL offers four different models including  C635, C735, C835, and C935. All range is enriched with QLED technology and the Dolby vision effect. At the same time, the other two provide new display technology in Mini LED screens which enables the user to enjoy excellent visual quality at home entertainment system.

Know what is QLED TV, is from one of our best blog pages.


Hisense A6H series comes in 4 sizes 50” 55” 65” and 75” UHD with a 4K resolution display which uses giving you a high-quality visual effect; feasting around one billion colors with a 120Hz motion rate heaven for gamers. It also comprises Google TV, embracing the “OK Google” service and Google Duo.

Price ranges that will get you smiling

The price range starts from RS-99,999 and goes to RS-309,000. Whatever strata of society you belong to, you can grab the Google TV of your choice


Sony is offering Google TVs in their “X80 and X85″ Series with sizes starting from 55″ 65″ 75″ 85”. Prices range from PKR 209,999 to 899,999. Its beauty is that they are offering Android and Apple both. You can connect with Google Assistant and through voice enjoy the Google TV. Whereas on the other hand, you can connect Apple Airplay and Homekit to the TV through their respective Apps on Google App Store.

M&S electronics

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Installment Plans

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