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Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-310 inverter

  • Fast Cooling
  • Rust-free Embo Sheet
  • Copper Coiling
  • Strong Hinges
  • Thick Insulation
  • Eutectic Backup System
  • Refrigerant: 134a
  • Capacity: 11 CFT/311 Liters
  • CFC Free


Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-310 Inverter

The Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-310 inverter is a top-of-the-line appliance that combines cutting-edge technology with a range of features designed to deliver fast and efficient freezing capabilities. From its powerful cooling performance to its durable construction, this deep freezer offers an array of benefits that ensure optimal preservation of your frozen goods.

Fast Cooling

With its advanced cooling system, the Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-310 inverter boasts fast and effective cooling capabilities. It rapidly brings down the temperature inside the freezer, ensuring your food items freeze quickly and remain perfectly preserved.

Rust-free Embo Sheet

The deep freezer features a rust-free embo sheet, providing enhanced durability and longevity. This special coating protects the exterior of the freezer from rust and corrosion, ensuring it retains its sleek appearance even after years of use.

Copper Coiling

Equipped with copper coiling, the WINDF-310 offers superior heat transfer and ensures efficient cooling. The use of copper enhances the overall performance of the freezer, allowing for faster freezing and optimal temperature maintenance.

Strong Hinges

The Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-310 is built with strong hinges that can withstand frequent use and heavy loads. These sturdy hinges ensure smooth opening and closing of the freezer door, providing convenient access to your frozen items.

Thick Insulation

Featuring thick insulation, this deep freezer effectively minimizes heat exchange with the surrounding environment. The insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the freezer, ensuring your food stays frozen and fresh for longer periods.

Eutectic Backup System

The WINDF-310 comes equipped with an eutectic backup system, which helps maintain low temperatures during power outages. This feature ensures that your frozen goods remain preserved and unaffected by temporary electricity disruptions.

Refrigerant: 134a

Utilizing eco-friendly refrigerant 134a, the Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-310 prioritizes environmental sustainability while still providing optimal cooling performance. This refrigerant is non-toxic and does not contribute to ozone depletion.

Capacity: 11 CFT/311 Liters

With a generous capacity of 11 cubic feet or 311 liters, this deep freezer offers ample storage space for all your frozen goods. It allows you to store a wide variety of food items, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.

CFC Free

The WINDF-310 is free from CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) compounds, which are harmful to the ozone layer. By opting for this deep freezer, you contribute to environmental conservation while enjoying the benefits of efficient freezing.

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