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Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank Series WDFT 313

  • Capacity: 13 Cu. Ft
  • Super Fast Cooling
  • Innovation in Product Design
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Refrigerant pipe Copper


Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank Series WDFT 313

The Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank Series WDFT 313 is a remarkable appliance that combines advanced technology, innovative design, and outstanding performance to offer users a superior cooling experience. With a capacity of 13 cubic feet, super-fast cooling capabilities, an innovative product design, and a copper refrigerant pipe, this deep freezer stands out as a top choice for both commercial and domestic use.

Capacity: 13 Cu. Ft

One of the key features of the Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank Series WDFT 313 is its impressive capacity of 13 cubic feet. This generous storage space allows users to store a significant quantity of frozen food, making it ideal for large families, restaurants, and small businesses alike. With ample room for storing various items such as meat, fruits, vegetables, and frozen desserts, this deep freezer ensures that you never run out of storage space.

Super Fast Cooling:

The WDFT 313’s super-fast cooling technology sets it apart from other deep freezers in the market. Equipped with a powerful compressor, this appliance rapidly reaches the desired temperature, ensuring that your food stays fresh and preserved for extended periods. Whether you’re freezing fresh produce or storing leftovers, the WDFT 313’s efficient cooling system guarantees quick and uniform freezing, preventing the formation of ice crystals and maintaining the quality of your frozen items.

Innovation in Product Design:

The Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank Series WDFT 313 boasts an innovative product design that combines functionality and aesthetics. Its sleek and modern exterior not only enhances the overall appearance of your kitchen or storage area but also makes it easy to clean and maintain. The deep freezer’s interior is thoughtfully designed with adjustable shelves and compartments. Providing flexibility and convenience when organizing your frozen goods.

Outstanding Performance:

When it comes to performance, the WDFT 313 stands out as a reliable and high-performing deep freezer. Built with durable materials, this appliance is designed to withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. Its advanced insulation technology helps maintain a consistent temperature, minimizing temperature fluctuations and maximizing energy efficiency. With its robust performance, the WDFT 313 guarantees the preservation of your food items in optimal condition.

Refrigerant Pipe Copper:

Another notable feature of the Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank Series WDFT 313 is its use of a copper refrigerant pipe. Copper pipes offer superior heat transfer capabilities, ensuring efficient cooling and preventing any potential leaks. This design choice not only enhances the appliance’s overall performance but also ensures durability and longevity.

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