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TCL DC Inverter TAC-18HES 1.5 ton Heat and Cool, Auto Cleaning, I-Feel

  • Low Voltage startup from 160V
  • 12000 BTU Even at 46C
  • Power Input (W) Cooling: 300~2500
  • Power Input (W) Heating: 500~2300
  • Power Input (Amp) Cooling: 1.5 to 12.5
  • Power Input (Amp) Heating: 1.5 to 13
  • EER: 3.04
  • Filter Cleaning Reminder
  • Gas leakage detection
  • 10-year compressor, 4-year PCB Kit, 1-year parts warranty

 154,999  168,900

TCL DC Inverter TAC-18HES 1.5 ton Heat and Cool, Auto Cleaning, I-Feel

TCL DC Inverter TAC-18HES brings the heat & cool energy-efficient inverter series, which is equipped with the latest cooling technology with smart airflow, which saves your electricity power up to 66%. Its Dual Rotatory T3 compressor gives more powerful cooling in extreme temperatures. TCL DC Inverter comes with a Fireproof Electric box, which reduces or eliminates any threat of fire breakout. Elite Invertor starts its power operation from 160V volt, with intelligent photosensitive control. Bring TCL AC to your life for better comfort.

TCL DC Inverter TAC-18HES 1.5 ton Heat & Cool

TCL DC Inverters are famous for having the turbo function. It helps warm your room with the help of a fan at max speed for 30 minutes. After 66hz high-frequency starting, outlet temperature can be decreased to 18℃ in just 30min. However, it can also be increased to 40℃ in just 60min, which can provide a rapid cooling/ heating experience to users.

TAC-18HEG inverter has an elegant design that provides you super quiet heating and cooling experience. The most effective feature is that it saves energy and reduces your electricity by up to 66%. Additionally, it gives you smart (4d) airflow with five fan speeds. The airflow is fast and everlasting. TCL introduced a 5d t3 twin rotatory compressor, which provides more cooling and low operation noise. It comes with an auto self-clearing & filter cleaning reminder.

However, it also has a finned evaporator, filter dust-clearing reminder, and much more effective features like this.

Secondly, TCL DC Inverter avoids too much dehumidification and maintains comfortable humidity in cooling mode. Moreover, an energy efficiency ratio of 3.6 TCL inverter technology works with the window of 0.1c variation in refrigeration. Secondly, It adjusts the ampere consumption quickly to save energy and helps the user to bring down electricity consumption. Hence the reduction in domestic electricity bills up to 66% or Rps.45000 annually.

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AC Capacity

1.5 Ton



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