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Pel InverterOn Saver T3 18K 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Heat & Cool

  • T3 DC Inverter
  • Powerful cooling even at 50°C
  • Turbo Cooling & Heating
  • Self Cleaning
  • 4D Air Flow, Full DC Inverter
  • Low Voltage Startup Even at 155V
  • Maximum current: 12A
  • Rated Power Cooling (W): 300-2700 watts
  • Running Current Cooling (A) 1.5 to 12 Amp
  • EER: 3.0
  • Air throw: 1150 m3/h
  • Refrigerant R410a
  • 10-year compressor+4 year PCB warranty

 165,000  175,000

PEL InverterOn SAVER T3 Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton (H&C)

Pel DC inverters are all you need in your summers and winters. The A+++ DC Inverter technology is hard on power-saving and performance. This is all because of the energy-saving T3 Inverters that save up to 65% of energy but keep the performance figure up.  Moreover, the t3 inverter operates on a voltage as low as 155 so your AC keeps on running even when the voltage is low on the mainline.

The 4D airflow system deflects air in all directions, thus preventing the air to fall in one place. Hence, this will enhance cooling or heating. Furthermore, PEL InverterOn SAVER T3 Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton (H&C) comes with a self-cleaning feature. An evaporating liquid cleans the gold fin tubes thus making it easier for you. This feature minimizes the difficulty of cleaning the air purifier with water and cleans with an anti-corrosive agent already present within the indoor unit. The T3 Inverters powers up the cooling even at 50 degrees of hot summer because of its dual-motor that works seamlessly at 180 degrees of phase difference.

High on Performance and Energy Saving PEL INVERTER SAVER T3

T3 Inverters consist of two motors that work at a phase difference of 180 degrees. This allows the compressor to work even when one motor is not supplying power while compensating it for a while. Hence, there will be consistent delivery of power by the compressor, thus cooling or heating the air even when the voltage is low.

Moreover, power saving is a feature that is predominant in this Inverter technology. Because, a specified set temperature is when achieved, the inverter doesn’t stop but runs at low speed. Conversely, non-inverter compressors trip when the temperature is reached. This makes the Inverter more effective so it can save up to 65% of energy with no compromise on performance.

4D Airflow and Self-cleaning (Pel Inverter Saver T3)

A 4D airflow allows air to disperse in every direction once it comes out of the AC vents. Hence, there is rapid cooling conversely of the single flow air design vents that focus air in one direction.

You don’t get to clean the gold fin coils as the indoor unit contains an evaporative, self-cleaning liquid that cleans the indoor with a single click of a button.

Performance Figures ( Pel Inverter Saver T3)

The inverter can still be running on a very low voltage of 155 Volts thus making it more reliable even in power fluctuations. Moreover, the compressor can work even in scorching heat summers without shade protection when the temperature is high as 50 degrees centigrade.

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You can check for a variety of T3 DC inverters on M&S Electronics.

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