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Haier Two Door Full Deep Freezer HDF-545DD 19Cft

  • 100 Hour freezing without Electricity
  • Low voltage working from 160-260V
  • Balance Cooling
  • Super Freeze Function
  • Fast Freezing with -28C
  • Heavy Duty Basket


Haier HDF-545DD 19Cft Two Door Full Deep Freezer

The Haier HDF-545DD 19Cft Two Door Full Deep Freezer is a powerful appliance that offers uninterrupted freezing and efficient cooling capabilities. With its innovative features and reliable performance, this deep freezer is a dependable choice for preserving your frozen goods. Let’s explore its key features and benefits in more detail.

100-Hour Freezing without Electricity:

The HDF-545DD ensures uninterrupted freezing for up to 100 hours even without electricity. This feature is particularly useful during power outages or load shedding, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your frozen items remain preserved and safe. You can rely on this deep freezer to keep your food items frozen for an extended period, minimizing the risk of spoilage.

160V-260V Low Voltage Operation:

Designed to work efficiently within a low voltage range of 160V to 260V, the HDF-545DD is capable of providing consistent cooling performance even in areas with fluctuating power supply. This wide voltage compatibility eliminates the need for additional voltage stabilizers, making it a convenient choice for various locations.

Balance Cooling:

The deep freezer’s balanced cooling technology ensures uniform distribution of cooling throughout its compartments. This feature prevents hot spots and maintains an even temperature, keeping all your frozen items in optimal condition. With balanced cooling, you can trust that each item stored in the freezer will retain its freshness and quality.

Super Freeze Function:

The HDF-545DD is equipped with a super freeze function, allowing you to rapidly freeze your food items. This feature is particularly helpful when you need to freeze large quantities of food quickly, ensuring that they retain their taste, texture, and nutritional value. You can count on this deep freezer to deliver fast and efficient freezing whenever you need it.

Fast Freezing with -28°C:

With a fast freezing capability of -28°C, the HDF-545DD ensures rapid and effective freezing of your items. This ultra-low temperature helps preserve the quality of your food by locking in flavors and nutrients. Whether you need to freeze meats, vegetables, or desserts, this deep freezer provides the ideal conditions for optimal preservation.

Heavy-Duty Basket:

The HDF-545DD comes with a heavy-duty basket that provides convenient storage and easy access to your frozen items. This durable basket is designed to withstand the weight of heavy items without bending or breaking, ensuring long-lasting performance and organization of your freezer contents.

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