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Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-35FF 12KG Single Tub

  • Semi-Automatic 12KG
  • Single Tub
  • Nontransparent lids
  • Lint Filter
  • Virgin Plastic
  • Gear Motor
  • 2-year motor warranty


Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-35FF 12KG Single Tub

Washing machines can be a real utility in helping men and women who intend to wash clothes of the whole household. Washing with hands requires more power and energy and can exhaust any individual. Hence, washing with a Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-35FF 12KG is more convenient and easier. They can save energy and give maximum efficiency by cleaning the dirty stains.

Moreover, it comes with a semi-automatic twin tub that gives washing and drying functions at the same time. Furthermore, virgin plastic makes it more durable and sustainable. In addition, a lint filter is attached to the side of the washing tub, which can catch dust and other dust particles.

Semi-Automatic Twin Tub

A twin tub will help you wash and dry clothes at the same time. the rotations of the dryer unit are enough to efficiently quench every drop of water within clothes to make them ready to use. The washing side is containing a motor to whirl clothes while inside. Hence, it ensures better mixing of detergent and water.

Lint Filter and Virgin Plastic

A lint filter is a small mesh filter that is installed In the chamber to collect dust particles and other bigger dust material staining clothes. This ensures better cleaning and washing of dust as the dust particles separated will not remain suspended in water.

Moreover, Virgin Plastic is a plastic resin that is created without using any recycled material. Hence, it is more durable and sustainable. It gives your washing machine a fresher and warmer look.

Gear Motor and 2 Years Warranty

Gear motor is the most important part of the washing machine. by pulling the shaft in one way, the gearbox rotates the motor from one side to the other in every half rotation. This allows better mixing of detergent. Moreover, the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation will remove stains more readily.

The company provides 2 years of warranty which marks his strength and durability.

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