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Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG (New Model 2024) T3 2-Ton DC Inverter, Heat and Cool, Gen Mode


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  • Dual-direction drainage design
  • With a new Remote Design
  • Heat and Cool
  • Low Voltage Startup 150V
  • Power Input Cooling (Watts)
  • Running Current  Cooling (Amp)
  • 4-D Double Swing
  • 10-year compressor+5-year PCB+3-year Evaporator Warranty

 212,900  221,999

Out of stock

Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3 2-Ton DC Inverter, Heat and Cool, Gen Mode

Auto Restart

Experience uninterrupted comfort even during power outages with the Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3 1.5-Ton DC Inverter. Featuring an auto restart function, this unit automatically resumes operation with the previous settings once power is restored, eliminating the inconvenience of manual restarts.

4-D Double Swing

Enjoy comprehensive air distribution and coverage in your space with the 4-D double swing feature of this Enviro AC. Its dual-axis swing mechanism ensures both horizontal and vertical airflow, effectively reaching every corner of the room for consistent cooling or heating.


Take control of your indoor climate anytime, anywhere with the WiFi connectivity of the Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3. Through the dedicated mobile app, users can adjust settings, monitor energy usage, and schedule operations remotely, offering unparalleled convenience and energy efficiency.

Self Cleaning

Maintain optimal performance and air quality effortlessly with the self-cleaning function of this Enviro AC. By preventing the accumulation of dust, mold, and bacteria within the unit, it promotes cleaner air and extends the lifespan of the system, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

5 Fan Speed

Tailor your cooling or heating experience to your preference with the five adjustable fan speed settings of the Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3. Whether you desire gentle airflow or rapid cooling, you can easily select the ideal speed to achieve maximum comfort in any season.

Locking Amperage (Gen Mode)

Users can select from a range of amperage options, such as 2 Amps, 4 Amps, or 6 Amps, depending on their specific requirements and the capacity of the alternative power source. Each option corresponds to a different level of power consumption by the air conditioner. So you can lock the power if you want to switch on Solar, Generator or if you need lower electricity bills.

Bigger Outdoor

Designed for enhanced efficiency and durability, the Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3 features a larger outdoor unit that efficiently dissipates heat. This robust design enables optimal cooling or heating capacity, even in extreme weather conditions, ensuring consistent comfort throughout the year.

Refrigerant: R410 (Eco-Friendly & Efficient)

Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on performance with the R410 refrigerant used in the Enviro EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3. This environmentally friendly refrigerant prioritizes sustainability while delivering efficient cooling or heating, promoting a greener lifestyle.

Dual-Direction Drainage Design

Experience efficient moisture removal and reduced condensation buildup with the dual-direction drainage design of this Enviro AC. By allowing water to drain effectively in multiple directions, it prevents water leakage and maintains a dry, comfortable indoor environment.

10 Years Compressor+5 Year PCB+1 Year Parts Warranty

Enjoy long-term peace of mind with the comprehensive warranty coverage provided by Enviro for the EAC 24IB-ICEBERG T3. With a 10-year warranty on the compressor, 5 years on the PCB, and 1 year on parts, customers can trust in the reliability and durability of their investment.

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