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Ecostar ES-12DU01WG DC Inverter 1-Ton Heat and Cool Duke Series

  • Real 4-Star Product
  • R32 Refrigerant – Global Warming Potential (GWP) is one-third of R410a
  • Self-Cleaning Evaporator
  • Labyrinth design PCB – Prevents dust, moisture, short circuit, and rain
  • Environmental Protection Coating – EPC
  • Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser
  • 4D airflow with strong double intake air door
  • Wifi ready – USB connectivity with convenience

 118,500  135,000

Ultimate beauty with Real 4-Star Energy efficiency

Say goodbye to environmental concerns with the R32 refrigerant featured in the Ecostar ES-12DU01WG. Designed to be eco-friendly with a lower global warming potential, this refrigerant ensures that your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of the planet. Enjoy efficient cooling and heating while reducing your carbon footprint.

Self-Cleaning Evaporator

Forget the hassle of regular maintenance with the self-cleaning evaporator of the Ecostar ES-12DU01WG. This innovative feature automatically removes dust and debris from the evaporator coils, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the unit. Experience uninterrupted comfort without the worry of upkeep.

Labyrinth Design PCB

Engineered for durability and reliability, the labyrinth design PCB in the ES-12DU01WG ensures stable performance even in challenging conditions. With its advanced circuitry, this air conditioner can withstand electrical stresses and environmental factors, providing you with consistent cooling and heating throughout its lifespan.

Environmental Protection Coating – EPC

Protect your investment with the Environmental Protection Coating (EPC) applied to the ES-12DU01WG. This specialized coating guards against corrosion, extending the life of the unit even in harsh environments. With EPC, your air conditioner remains resilient against the elements, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser

Enjoy enhanced durability with the gold fin evaporator and condenser of the ES-12DU01WG. These coatings provide superior protection against rust and wear, making the unit suitable for coastal or industrial areas. With these features, your air conditioner is built to withstand the test of time.

4D Airflow with Strong Double Intake Air Door

Experience optimal air distribution with the 4D airflow system of the Ecostar ES-12DU01WG. Equipped with strong double-intake air doors, this innovative technology ensures that cool or warm air is evenly distributed throughout your space, eliminating hotspots and cold drafts. Enjoy consistent comfort in every corner of the room.

Wi-Fi Ready – USB Connectivity with Convenience

Take control of your indoor climate with the Wi-Fi readiness and USB connectivity of the Ecostar ES-12DU01WG. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can conveniently adjust settings and monitor your unit using your smartphone or other devices. Enjoy unparalleled convenience and customization, putting you in charge of your comfort.

Order Guidelines:

Booking orders from M&S Electronics will send you a confirmation message with an OTP code to verify your contact number. You will receive an email regarding order details. The transit time depends on your locality and how far it is from the warehouse. However, shipping from a local warehouse is significantly faster. Please contact our customer service for more information at Cell # 0309-9999054 or our Facebook and Instagram.

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