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Dawlance -DW-9200 WFL Washing Machine

  • Type: Washer
  • Lid Type: Translucent
  • No. of Control Knobs: 2
  • Buzzer: No
  • Water Inlet: Single
  • Wide Impeller
  • Machine Weight: 20 kg.
  • Protection Against Electric Shock
  • Protection Against Moisture
  • Splash Proof Appliance
  • “Max Water Consumption (Litres)”: 135L
  • Wash Cycle: 0-10 mins (Eco Mode) 11-15 mins (Normal Mode)
  • New Generation Outlook
  • Large Washing Capacity for a broad household
  • Deep Water fall Technology
  • Warranty: 1 Years Parts + 10 years Motor Warranty


Dawlance -DW-9200 WFL Washing Machine

The Dawlance -DW-9200 W/C Washing Machine is a reliable and efficient laundry solution that offers advanced features for a convenient washing experience. With its single water inlet, wide impeller, electric shock and moisture protection, max water consumption, wash cycle options, new generation outlook, large washing capacity, and deep waterfall technology, this washing machine provides effective cleaning results and enhanced convenience. Let’s explore its key features in more detail.

Water Inlet: Single:

The DW-9200 WFL features a single water inlet, simplifying the water connection process. You can easily connect the washing machine to your water supply for efficient and hassle-free operation.

Wide Impeller:

Equipped with a wide impeller, this washing machine creates a powerful washing action that effectively removes dirt and stains from your clothes. The wide impeller ensures thorough cleaning and optimal performance.

Machine Weight: 20 kg:

With a machine weight of 20 kg, the DW-9200 WFL offers stability and durability during operation. The sturdy construction ensures reliable performance and longevity, providing you with a washing machine that can handle your laundry needs.

Protection Against Electric Shock and Moisture:

This washing machine is designed with protection against electric shock, ensuring safety during use. Additionally, it features moisture protection, safeguarding the internal components from potential water damage and prolonging the lifespan of the appliance.

Max Water Consumption:

The DW-9200 WFL offers a maximum water consumption of 135 liters. This allows for efficient water usage while ensuring thorough cleaning results. You can optimize the water consumption according to your laundry requirements.

Wash Cycle:

With wash cycle options ranging from 0 to 10 minutes in Eco mode and 11 to 15 minutes in Normal mode, this washing machine provides flexibility to choose the desired washing duration. You can select the appropriate cycle based on the fabric type and level of cleanliness required.

New Generation Outlook:

Featuring a new-generation outlook, the DW-9200 WFL exhibits a modern and stylish design. It adds a touch of elegance to your laundry area and complements your home decor.

Large Washing Capacity:

This washing machine offers a large washing capacity, making it suitable for households with a broad range of laundry needs. You can wash a significant amount of clothes in one go, reducing the number of wash cycles required.

Deep Waterfall Technology:

The DW-9200 WFL utilizes deep waterfall technology, which ensures efficient water flow during the washing process. This technology enhances cleaning performance and ensures that every garment is thoroughly washed.

Order Guidelines:

Booking orders from M&S Electronics will send you a confirmation message with an OTP code to verify your contact number. You will receive an email regarding order details. The transit time depends on your locality and how far it is from the warehouse. Although, shipping from a local warehouse is significantly faster. Please contact our customer service for more information at Cell # 0309-9999054 or our Facebook and Instagram.



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