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Canon EWT- 50L Electric Geyser 50 Liter (Wall Hanging)

  • 220-240V/ 2000W
  • Current: 9.1A
  • Capacity 50Ltr
  • Imported Insulation
  • Heavy Duty Inner Tank
  • Tank Gauge (14×15)
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • ELCB Double Protection
  • Safety Valve
  • 1-Year Warranty


Canon EWT- 50L Electric Geyser 50 Liter


Canon EWT- 50L Electric Geyser 50 Liter has a 50-liter tank capacity, operates on 220-240 volts of voltage, and draws 2000 watts of power. Even though it has a tonne of power, the geyser only produces hot water quickly—it takes 15 minutes—but once it’s turned on, you’ll have hot water all day. In comparison to gas water heaters that used to run continuously, it can therefore result in long-term energy saving.

Adjustable thermostat

It has another very important part which is the adjustable thermostat. This thermostat works to easily adjust temperatures to your preferences.


In comparison to water rods, the Canon Fast Electric Heater is safer to use because it is waterproof and there are fewer chances of someone being electrocuted. Additionally, installing it outside far enough away from anything that could cause an electric shock, a leak, or a fire will keep you safe. Despite having an “Auto Thermal Cutoff Safety Device” to make it safe.


We back its performance and durability with a one-year operational warranty. Additionally, it contains an analog gauge to display the water’s temperature. Consequently, relying on is a good choice in terms of energy use, safety, and performance.

Safety Valve

This allows the Canon EWT- 50L Electric Geyser 50 Liter to safely discharge steam and water that is extremely hot but not explosive while allowing cold water to enter the geyser to cool down the situation and prevent an explosion.


Despite the fact that prices are increasing everywhere. We constantly make an effort to offer the finest deals on valued home appliances under challenging circumstances, just as we did when we offered the best deals on Canon geyser prices in Pakistan.

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