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Anex Food Processor AG-1041 500W

  • 220V/240V 500 Watt
  • Multifunction food processor.
  • Chopper, Vegetable Cutter, Citrus, Shredder, slicer.
  • Plastic blade for egg beating.
  • Big size bowl capacity
  • 2-speed setting w pulse.
  • Safety lock.
  • 2-Year Warranty

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Anex Food Processor 500W AG-1041

Whether you want to chop, knead, or mince, we assure you that Anex Food Processor 500W AG-1041 can resolve all your problems conveniently. It is equipped with a vegetable cutter, shredder, chopper, juicer, and slicer to make your life convenient inside the kitchen. It works as a second pair of hands or a co-chef that can minimize your efforts to prepare delicious meals for your loved ones, relatives, and guests. Here, we need to mention that all food processors in Pakistan are not equal. They have come with unique features. At M&S Electronics, we recommend Anex Food Processors because they are affordable, you can use them in numerous ways.

For What Purposes, Anex Food Processor AG-1041 is the Best? 

Anex Food processor is an amazing home appliance for the kitchen. It is a multi-purpose food processor. You can make a variety of juices like apple juice, carrot juice, orange juice, and many others comprehensively. Furthermore, chopping different food items like spices, vegetables, and meat is no more a difficult task for you. Moreover, we can make different kinds of milkshakes at any time without worrying about the efforts you need to put while using other techniques.

With the help of a slicer, you can grind ginger, garlic, onion, and many more spices. Therefore, with the help of Anex Food Processor AG-1041, you can save your precious time and energy and complete other important tasks for making your meals delicious. It also helps mix, blend, and grind all veggies and fruits. This high-quality food processor in Pakistan is equipped with a durable plastic juice cup for purring juices. So, there is no reason to deny the benefits of using Anex Food Processor AG-1041, as you can always make your family and relatives happy with different types of food items, shakes, and juices.

Top Features of the best food processor in Pakistan

Anex Food Processor in Pakistan is equipped with 220V/240V, 400W, and 50/60HZ to deal with all procedures conveniently. It has Vegetable Cutter, Citrus, Shredder, Juicer, Blender, and plastic blades. Its large-sized bowl has a 1.5 KG capacity with a 2-speed setting (w pulse) and a safety lock. Additionally, its high-quality stainless-steel blades of the blender, grinder speed up your tasks, and you can spend some happy hours with your loved ones. This multi-functional food processor in Pakistan is available with a 2-year warranty at M&S Electronics.

Order Guidelines

Booking orders from M&S Electronics will send you a confirmation message with an OTP code to verify your contact number. You will receive an email regarding order details. The transit time depends on your locality and how far it is from the warehouse. Although, shipping from a local warehouse is significantly faster. Please contact our customer service for more information via Cell # 0309-9999054 or our Facebook and Instagram.


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