Air Fryers

Most period of the time, people ate submerged oil fried food in order to get a crispy, crunchy taste. This caused many health-related issues that now, when fast-food chains are at arm’s length, being healthy is an elusive dream. Higher BMI (Body Mass Index), less successful weight loss maintenance, and more weight gain are linked with fast-food consumption.

Air fryers on the other hand are a step ahead in frying your favorite meat, pastries, potato chips, and more. They use hot air that circulates around food to create a crunchy crispy exterior. Apart from frying in oil, They use a tablespoon of oil and give the same result in terms of taste and texture. Hence, why not use a healthy alternative to fulfill your craving for fried food. Anex and Phillips Air Fryers are the best in Pakistan. M&S Electronics provide a Vast range at an affordable price.

How Do Air fryers work?

Air fryers are an important utensil of the kitchen. They use hot air that circulates around the food that fries the crispy exterior. It gives the same crunchy exterior as would submerged oil frying would give and a never compromising taste. They fry on a principle of Maillard’s reaction. This occurs between an amino acid of a protein and reducing sugar. Thus, it leads to alteration in the color and flavor of food.

Phillips and Anex brands in Pakistan have been great for baking grilling and roasting. 360 degrees hot air circulation along with a non-stick pot makes cooking easier. With non-sticking, you can remove the food without it sticking, hence preserving the texture of the food.  So, it is also easily washable. Concealed heat pipes and overheat protection are paramount to these air fryers. In addition, with adjustable temperature control from 8-0-200, your food does not get burned.

Moreover, Anex and Phillips in Pakistan are cheap and affordable. M&S Electronics offers the best air fryers in Pakistan.

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