Gas Geysers

Gas Geysers with water tanks of almost 30 Liters use more water, and more gas but the main benefit is its bigger size. Apart from using a 3 Liter tank, these Geysers have a bigger 30 Liters tank that will provide hot water 24 hours. Gas Geyser prices in Pakistan are affordable and geysers are handy and simple to use with no added frills.

The operations are simple and minimal. There is a huge tank of 30 Liters or more to contain water. This burner ejects gas through the nozzle. The Spark ignites the gas that resulting in increasing water temperature. The burner then heats the tank which in turn raises water temperature. Hence, you can get hot water for the rest of the day until the geyser is on. A gauge tells the water temperature and there is no other added feature. Hence, the design philosophy is reduced to minimal.

Gas water heaters use more water and gas than instant water geysers. They are left on until the house needs hot water. Thus, these geysers support bigger households, that is more than 7 family members.

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