Demo Online (DOL)

Demo Online is a unique and new concept that sets M&S Electronics apart from all other E-commerce websites. M&S Electronics is the only online store in Pakistan right now that keeps customer service and trust building as a core value in their business. This concept has also been introduced to make customer care and shopping experience even better. Demo Online is also a step towards the same goal – building trust of our customers.

We have seen a growing trend in the online shopping industry of Pakistan that customer care has not been made a priority. This ends up in the customers losing trust in the website and thus also in online shopping. M&S Electronics is all set to change that with this new feature of Demo Online.

How It Works

Demo Online means that the customers can now order a demo through a form ( of the product first before they buy it. This means that one of our representatives will first bring a demo of the original product to you which you can check thoroughly. If you like the product you can buy and pay the original price right there and then without any additional charges. If you do not like the product then you do not have to buy.

Demo Online will charge you a fixed amount service charges. We hope you will like this unique initiative and will buy from

Demo Online enables the customer to fully put their trust in the product that they are buying. This step is a way forward for online industry in Pakistan to grow more.

Terms and conditions ( For a free demo request at your door step)

  • Demo Online is Free of charge for limited time offer
  • Only one product can be sent against one form, one customer and one shipping address.
  • If you like the Demo and want to buy on spot, then you have to pay only product price including shipping charges ( As per defined  on web)
  • If in any case the demo product gets damaged by the customer, then customer will have to pay the full amount to the representative on the spot.
  • If customer did not buy the product for any reason, M&S Electronic’s representative brings back the product.
  • Legal action will be taken against anyone who misbehaves, steals from, threatens or makes our representative feel uncomfortable at the time of delivery.
  • Demo Online is currently only available for  Lahore only.
  • This offer is applied for small domestic appliances only which are carry able on motor bikes only. (For Example Juicer, blender, sandwich maker, toaster etc.)


To order your online demo please click below link.



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