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Super Asia ECM-6500 Plus Air Cooler Inverter


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. Powerful Airflow & Cool Efficiency

. Powerful & Energy Efficient Motor

. Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body

. Top Loading Cooling Box

. Huge Water Tank


Out of stock

Super Asia ECM-6500 Plus Air Cooler: Power, Efficiency, and Cool Comfort

Introduction: The Super Asia ECM-6500 Plus Air Cooler is an exceptional cooling appliance that combines power, efficiency, and convenience to provide a refreshing escape from the heat. In this article, we will explore the standout features of this air cooler, including its powerful airflow, energy-efficient motor, durable construction, top-loading cooling box, and spacious water tank.

Powerful Airflow & Cool Efficiency:

The Super Asia ECM-6500 Plus Air Cooler is engineered to deliver a powerful and consistent airflow, ensuring a refreshing breeze throughout your space. Equipped with a high-performance fan, it swiftly circulates cool air, effectively lowering the temperature in medium to large-sized rooms. No matter how hot it gets outside, this air cooler will keep you comfortably cool indoors.

Powerful & Energy Efficient Motor:

The heart of the ECM-6500 Plus lies in its powerful yet energy-efficient motor. It ensures a robust and reliable operation, keeping the air cooler running smoothly for extended periods without worrying about excessive power consumption. Experience cool comfort without the burden of high energy bills.

Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body:

The Super Asia ECM-6500 Plus features a shock and rust-proof plastic body that ensures its longevity and performance. The sturdy construction protects the internal components from damage caused by shocks and prevents rust formation, making this air cooler a long-lasting investment.

Top Loading Cooling Box:

The ECM-6500 Plus takes care of this with its top-loading cooling box. Simply open the top lid, pour water into the spacious cooling box, and let the air cooler work its magic. This user-friendly design eliminates the need to disassemble or move the air cooler, saving you time and effort.

Huge Water Tank:

The Super Asia ECM-6500 Plus is equipped with a generous water tank capacity, ensuring uninterrupted cooling for extended periods. With its large tank, you can enjoy hours of cool comfort without the hassle of frequent refills.

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