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Philips S 7530/50 – Shavers

  • Electric wet and dry shaver
  • Movable shaving head
  • 3 shaving heads
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Quick charge in 5 min
  • Operating time: 50 min
  • Battery level indicator
  • Max power consumption  5.4w
  • Stand by Power  0.15W
  • Facial Cleansing brush
  • 2 year Warranty

 23,999  25,999

Introducing the Philips S7530/50 Shaver: Your Ultimate Grooming Companion

Effortless Shaving Performance

Upgrade your shaving routine with the Philips S7530/50 Shaver. Engineered for superior performance and comfort, this advanced shaver delivers a close and smooth shave with every stroke. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, and irritation and hello to effortless shaving with the S7530/50.

ComfortGlide Rings for Smooth Gliding

Experience smooth and effortless shaving with the Philips S7530/50’s ComfortGlide rings. These innovative rings feature a special coating that reduces friction and irritation, allowing the shaver to glide smoothly over your skin for a comfortable shave every time. Say goodbye to razor burn and hello to smooth, refreshed skin with the S7530/50.

V-Track Precision Blades for a Close Shave

Achieve a close and precise shave with the Philips S7530/50’s V-Track precision blades. These advanced blades are designed to capture and cut each hair at the optimal angle, ensuring a clean and close shave with every pass. Whether you have thick or fine hair, the S7530/50 delivers exceptional shaving performance for smooth and stubble-free skin.

DynamicFlex Heads for Contour Adaptation

Enjoy maximum comfort and flexibility with the Philips S7530/50’s DynamicFlex heads. These innovative heads move in five directions, following the contours of your face and neck to provide a close and comfortable shave. Say goodbye to missed hairs and hello to effortless shaving with the S7530/50.

Aquatec Wet & Dry Technology for Versatile Shaving

Simplify your shaving routine with the Philips S7530/50’s Aquatec wet & dry technology. This versatile feature allows you to shave with gel or foam for a refreshing wet shave, or dry for quick and convenient grooming on the go. Whether you prefer a leisurely shave in the shower or a quick touch-up at the sink, the S7530/50 offers flexible grooming options to suit your preferences.

SmartClick Precision Trimmer for Detailing

Take your grooming to the next level with the Philips S7530/50’s SmartClick precision trimmer. This detachable attachment allows you to trim and shape your beard, mustache, and sideburns with precision and accuracy. Say goodbye to uneven edges and hello to perfectly groomed facial hair with the S7530/50.

Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Use

Stay groomed and ready for anything with the Philips S7530/50’s long-lasting battery. With up to 60 minutes of cordless use on a single charge, you can tackle all your grooming tasks without interruption. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the S7530/50 offers reliable performance whenever you need it.

Transform Your Shaving Experience Today

Upgrade your shaving routine with the Philips S7530/50 Shaver. With its ComfortGlide rings, V-Track precision blades, DynamicFlex heads, Aquatec wet & dry technology, SmartClick precision trimmer, and long-lasting battery, this shaver offers everything you need to achieve a smooth and comfortable shave with ease. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to effortless grooming with the S7530/50.



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