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Philips DE5205/30 Dehumidifier and Air Purifier, 2-in-1


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  • DC Inverter Motor
  • Dehumidify up to 25L/Day*
  • Purify the ONLY Mode
  • Particles CADR* 270m³/h
  • Numerical display
  • 5 fan speed setting
  • Ultrafine particles removal as small as 20 nm
  • Filter out bacteria 99.9%
  • Dehumidification rate @ 25L Per Day
  • Energy efficiency level: Grade A
  • 4 Modes: Purifier Only, Auto, Laundry dry, Continuous dry
  • Child lock
  • 1-year warranty


Out of stock

Philips DE5205/30 Dehumidifier and Air Purifier, 2-in-1

5 fan speed setting

Philips Dehumidifier DE5205/30: Easily choose 5 different speed settings, from 1 to turbo. Gives you all the flexibility of usage to suit your preference.

Automatic dehumidification control with pre-setting

Automatic dehumidification control allows you to pre-set the humidity level at 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80% room humidity. In auto mode,  and fan speed will automatically adjust to achieve optimal dehumidification performance. The healthy air protects alert lets you know promptly when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not replaced promptly, the appliance stops functioning – to avoid ineffective purification. So you are assured of healthier air always. A full water alert warns you when the tank is full and shuts down the appliance to avoid water spillage.

Purifier ONLY mode allows you to use it as a purifier in the dry season

With simple one-touch control, the appliance can be used in purifier ONLY mode. It operates under auto mode by default. Whenever the current mode of appliance works, it goes to purification ONLY mode when touching the button. Humidity setting and laundry drying mode are off in the purification ONLY mode. This protects you and your family from pollution and allergy all year round, especially during the dry season.

Continuous dry mode provides a constant optimal environment

When in continuous dry mode, the dehumidifier constantly works with the optimal dehumidifying settings. This mode provides you with a constantly clean and comfortable environment. Digital humidity sensor gives accurate and real-time feedback on humidity. The compressor and fan perform automatically based on the numerical feedback to protect your home from mold and mildew.

The LED color ring gives real-time air quality feedback

The appliance operates under the highest fan speed in dry laundry mode for drying clothes with ease. Laundry mode reduces the time it takes to dry laundry indoors with the help of your dehumidifier.

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