Orient ICon Water Dispenser ICON-2 Two Tap

  • 3 Tapped Water Dispenser
  • Black color only
  • 1-year warranty
  • Refrigerator Compartment
  • 1-Year Warranty

 20,499  21,900

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Orient ICon Water Dispenser ICON-2 Two Tap

Get yourself ready to cool down in this scorching heat of summer with an Orient icon water dispenser that can give you cool water. Orient icon water dispenser operates at a very low voltage thus using minimal electricity in this time of energy conversant environment. Orient water dispensers provide you cold water and save electricity to promote sustainable living and sustainable development.

Key Features

Orient icon water dispensers come with the dual functions of both hot and cold-water outlets. Orient water dispensers also relish a fridge at the bottom. It helps you store important refrigerator items even if you have a regular size fridge. It comes in black color.


Orient water dispenser is a mark of style combined with performance that outlasts other ordinary products. It can blend itself with both office and home themes. Orient water dispensers can cool up to 11 degrees and raise the temperature to 90 degrees for hot coffee/tea. Orient water dispenser comes in two variants, one with two taps and the other with three taps.


In terms of endurance and efficacy, orient water dispensers have a powerful compressor. It can work even in 50 degrees of burning summers. The company provides a warranty of 1 year for both compressors and other parts. If you want a cool-water friend, an Orient water dispenser is the best option to capitalize on at an affordable price.

Order Guidelines

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