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Homage HW-49102SAG Twin Tub Washing Machine 10 KG

. 1 Big & 3 Mini Pulsators.

. Hand Wash Board.

. Glass Lid Type.

. Heavy Duty.

. Air Dry.


Experience Ultimate Cleaning Power with the Homage HW-49102SAG Twin Tub Washing Machine 10 KG

Introduction: Laundry day just got easier with the Homage HW-49102SAG Twin Tub Washing Machine. This advanced laundry appliance combines innovative features and a spacious 10-kilogram capacity to deliver exceptional cleaning performance. From its powerful pulsators to its convenient hand washboard, this washing machine is designed to make your laundry experience efficient and hassle-free.

Big & 3 Mini Pulsators:

The Homage HW-49102SAG is equipped with a dynamic washing system that comprises one big pulsator and three mini pulsators. This unique combination generates a powerful water flow that penetrates the fabric, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning. The pulsators work in harmony to create a gentle yet robust washing action, removing tough stains and dirt with ease.

Hand Wash Board:

For those extra stubborn stains that require a little extra attention, the Homage HW-49102SAG features a convenient hand washboard. Integrated into the washing tub, this thoughtful addition allows you to manually scrub and agitate specific areas, ensuring even the toughest grime is eliminated. With the hand washboard, you can achieve a level of cleanliness that rivals hand washing, all within the convenience of a washing machine.

Glass Lid Type:

The Homage HW-49102SAG comes with a durable and transparent glass lid. This feature allows you to monitor the washing process without having to open the cover, ensuring that you can keep an eye on your laundry without interrupting the cycle. The glass lid also adds a touch of elegance to the washing machine’s overall design, making it a stylish addition to any laundry room.

Heavy Duty:

Built to withstand heavy usage, the Homage HW-49102SAG is a washing machine that can handle the demands of a busy household. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting performance. You can trust this machine to tackle large loads and heavy fabrics without compromising on its cleaning efficiency.

Air Dry:

Say goodbye to damp laundry with the convenient air dry feature of the Homage HW-49102SAG. After the spinning cycle, this washing machine allows you to air dry your clothes directly in the machine, eliminating the need for a separate drying rack. This feature saves time and effort, making laundry day a breeze.

Order Guidelines:

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