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Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter

  • Total Gross Capacity Ltr: 405
  • Freezer Gross Capacity Ltr.: 405
  • Dimension(W*D*H): 1242*745*895
  • Gross Capacity (Cubic Ft.): 14.31
  • Temp Freezer: Min -28
  • Net Weight (Kg): 58 kg
  • Gross Weight (Kg): 66 kg
  • Voltage Range: 105V – 260V
  • Refrigerant: R600a


Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter

When it comes to reliable and efficient cooling solutions, Haier is a brand that stands out. The Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter is a remarkable appliance that offers optimal cooling performance combined with generous storage capacity. Designed to cater to the needs of both households and businesses, this freezer is a versatile and practical addition to any space.

Total Gross Capacity: 405 Liters

With a total gross capacity of 405 liters, the Haier HDF-405INV provides ample storage space to store a variety of frozen food items, ingredients, or other perishables. Whether you need to stock up for a large family or run a small business that requires extra freezing capacity, this freezer has you covered.

Freezer Gross Capacity: 405 Liters

The freezer compartment boasts the same capacity as the overall unit, allowing you to utilize the entire space solely for freezing. This ensures that you have plenty of room to store bulk purchases, leftovers, or homemade frozen meals without any compromise.

Dimension (WDH): 1242745895

The Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter is designed with practicality in mind. With dimensions measuring 1242mm in width, 745mm in depth, and 895mm in height, it provides a compact footprint that fits seamlessly into most kitchens, storage rooms, or commercial spaces. Its sleek design and neutral color ensure that it complements any interior decor.

Gross Capacity (Cubic Ft.): 14.31

Expressed in cubic feet, the gross capacity of the Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter is an impressive 14.31 cubic feet. This spacious interior allows you to organize and access your frozen goods with ease, ensuring everything stays properly frozen and ready for use whenever you need it.

Temperature Freezer: Min -28°C

Maintaining a consistently low temperature is essential for preserving the quality and freshness of frozen food items. The Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter offers a minimum temperature of -28°C, ensuring that your food remains frozen at the optimum temperature to prevent spoilage.

Net Weight: 58 kg, Gross Weight: 66 kg

Weighing in at 58 kilograms (net weight) and 66 kilograms (gross weight), this freezer strikes a balance between durability and portability. The sturdy construction ensures longevity, while the manageable weight allows for easy installation and movement, if needed.

Voltage Range: 105V – 260V

The Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter is equipped with a wide voltage range capability, operating smoothly within the range of 105 volts to 260 volts. This feature enables the freezer to withstand voltage fluctuations, providing stable and reliable performance regardless of your location’s electrical conditions.

Refrigerant: R600a

Utilizing environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a, the Haier HDF-405INV Deep Freezer Inverter prioritizes sustainability while ensuring efficient cooling. R600a has a minimal impact on the environment and helps reduce energy consumption, making it an eco-conscious choice.

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