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Haier HDF-385I Inverter (White) Double Door Inverter Deep Freezer

  • Low voltage startup from 130-240V
  • Double door Ref and Freezer
  • Anytime make Ref or freezer ( switchable)
  • 100-hours cooling backup
  • Quick-1 hours freezing


Haier HDF-385I Inverter (White) Double Door Inverter Deep Freezer

The Haier HDF-385 Double Door Inverter Deep Freezer is a high-performance appliance designed to meet all your freezing needs. This double-door deep freezer combines cutting-edge technology, ample storage capacity, and user-friendly features. Let’s explore the key attributes that make the HDF-385 a standout choice.

Total Gross Capacity: 385 Liters

With a total gross capacity of 385 liters, the Haier HDF-385 provides generous storage space for your frozen food items. It offers enough room to accommodate a wide variety of frozen goods, ensuring you have ample space to stock up and organize your frozen inventory.

Technology: Inverter

The HDF-385 is equipped with inverter technology, which ensures efficient cooling while consuming less energy. This not only helps in reducing electricity bills but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

Ref Gross Capacity: 209 Liters, Freezer Gross Capacity: 145 Liters

Featuring a double-door design, the HDF-385 provides segregated compartments for refrigeration and freezing. The refrigerator compartment offers a gross capacity of 209 liters, while the freezer compartment provides a generous 145 liters of storage space. This separation enables you to conveniently store and access different types of food items.

Dimension (WDH): 1242745895

Measuring at 1242mm in width, 745mm in depth, and 895mm in height, the HDF-385 is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen or storage area. Its spacious interior is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate a significant amount of frozen goods while optimizing the overall footprint.

Gross Capacity (Cubic Ft.): 13.6

With a gross capacity of 13.6 cubic feet, the HDF-385 deep freezer provides ample space to store and organize your frozen inventory. The double-door design allows for efficient utilization of the storage compartments, ensuring easy access to your frozen goods.

Temp Freezer: Min -28°C, Temp Ref: 0 to 6°C

The HDF-385 allows you to set the freezer temperature as low as -28°C, ensuring optimal preservation of your frozen food items. The refrigerator compartment maintains a temperature range of 0 to 6°C, providing an ideal environment for storing perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, and beverages.

Refrigerant: R600a

The HDF-385 utilizes the environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a, which has a minimal impact on the environment. This refrigerant not only provides efficient cooling but also helps in reducing energy consumption, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly operations.

Food Basket: 1, Copper Evaporator: 5 Sides

The HDF-385 comes with a convenient food basket, allowing you to organize and access your frozen goods with ease. Additionally, the deep freezer is equipped with a copper evaporator that has five sides, ensuring efficient and even cooling throughout the compartment.

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