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Dawlance DW-388 23-Ltr Heating Microwave Oven

  • 220-240V/1000 watts
  • Capacity 23-Ltr
  • Turntable Shaft
  • Observation Window
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Defrosting
  • 1-Year Warranty


The Dawlance DW 388 Heating Microwave Oven: A Versatile Kitchen Companion

Introduction: In the realm of modern kitchen appliances. The Dawlance DW 388 Heating Microwave Oven stands out as a remarkable addition to any home. This latest model combines innovation, functionality, and convenience to enhance your cooking experience. With its array of impressive features, the DW 388 proves to be a reliable and versatile kitchen companion.

Glass Tray:

Ensuring Even Heating The DW 388 comes equipped with a high-quality glass tray that serves as the cooking surface for your food. This tray ensures even distribution of heat, resulting in perfectly cooked meals. Whether you’re reheating leftovers or cooking a fresh dish. The glass tray helps maintain the desired temperature, preventing hot spots and cold patches.

Turntable Shaft:

Easy Rotating Mechanism To further enhance the cooking process, the DW 388 boasts a turntable shaft that enables efficient and effortless rotation of the glass tray. This mechanism ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the food, promoting consistent cooking and eliminating the need for manual intervention. With the turntable shaft, you can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly turning and flipping your dishes.

Observation Window:

Keeping an Eye on Your Food One of the standout features of the DW 388 is its observation window. This transparent panel allows you to keep a close eye on your food as it cooks, without the need to interrupt the cooking process. Whether you want to monitor the browning of your grilled chicken or the rising of your cake, the observation window provides a convenient and practical solution.

Safety Interlock System:

Peace of Mind Dawlance understands the importance of safety in the kitchen, which is why the DW 388 comes equipped with a safety interlock system. This system ensures that the microwave oven cannot be operated when the door is open, preventing any accidental mishaps. The safety interlock system provides peace of mind, especially for households with children, as it minimizes the risk of injuries or accidents.


Quick and Efficient The DW 388 offers a defrosting feature that allows you to thaw frozen foods in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional methods. Whether you forgot to take out the meat from the freezer or need to quickly defrost ingredients for a last-minute meal, this microwave oven provides a convenient and efficient solution. With the defrosting feature, you can save time without compromising on food quality.

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