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Braun TributeCollection Citrus juicer CJ 3000 Black

  • Fruit pulp control
  • Practical scale
  • Left-and-right rotation
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Easy clean design: Yes
  • Capacity: 350 ml


The Braun TributeCollection Citrus Juicer CJ 3000 Black

The Braun TributeCollection Citrus Juicer CJ 3000 Black is an exceptional kitchen appliance designed to deliver fresh and flavorful citrus juice with maximum convenience. Packed with a range of features like fruit pulp control, practical scale, left-and-right rotation, automatic start/stop, easy clean design, and a generous capacity of 350 ml, this juicer offers a complete juicing experience that caters to all your needs.

Fruit Pulp Control

With the Braun CJ 3000, you have full control over the amount of pulp in your juice. Its adjustable pulp control allows you to customize your beverage according to your preferences. Whether you like your juice with a smooth consistency or prefer a bit of pulp for added texture, this juicer has got you covered.

Practical Scale

Accurate measurements are key to achieving the perfect juice blend. The practical scale on the CJ 3000 ensures precision when adding the right amount of juice to your recipes. Say goodbye to guesswork and effortlessly create delicious drinks and dishes every time.

Left-and-Right Rotation

To extract every last drop of juice, the Braun CJ 3000 features a convenient left-and-right rotation mechanism. This innovative feature ensures optimal juice extraction from a variety of citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Get the most out of your citrus fruits with ease and efficiency.

Automatic Start/Stop

Simplify your juicing process with the automatic start/stop function of the CJ 3000. By simply pressing down on the juicing cone, the motor will automatically start the extraction process. Release the pressure, and the juicer will stop instantly. This intuitive operation saves you time and effort, making juicing a breeze.

Easy Clean Design

Cleaning up after juicing is often a tedious task, but not with the Braun CJ 3000. Its easy-clean design ensures hassle-free maintenance. The juicer’s removable parts are dishwasher-safe, allowing for quick and convenient cleanup. Spend less time on cleanup and more time enjoying your freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Capacity: 350 ml

The generous capacity of 350 ml ensures you can make enough juice for yourself or a small gathering without having to constantly refill. Serve up refreshing glasses of citrus goodness to your family and friends effortlessly.

Order Guidelines:

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