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Braun Identity Collection Spin juicer J 500 Black

  • High-performance juicing system
  • Make juice with whole fruits
  • Direct serve system
  • Anti-drip system


Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black

The Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black is a game-changer in the world of juicing. With its innovative features and powerful performance, this juicer allows you to create delicious and nutritious juices with ease. From whole fruits to refreshing beverages, the Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black is here to revolutionize your juicing experience.

High-performance juicing system:

Equipped with a high-performance juicing system, the Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black delivers exceptional results. Its robust motor and efficient spin technology ensure maximum extraction of juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables, preserving the natural flavors and nutrients.

Make juice with whole fruits:

Say goodbye to the hassle of pre-cutting fruits and vegetables. The Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black enables you to make juice with whole fruits. Simply place your desired ingredients in the wide feeding tube, and let the juicer do the rest. It saves you time and effort, making the juicing process more convenient than ever before.

Direct serve system:

With the direct-serve system, you can enjoy your freshly squeezed juice directly from the juicer. The juice flows directly into your glass, ensuring a seamless and mess-free experience. Start your day with a glass of vibrant and nourishing juice, made effortlessly with the Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black.

Anti-drip system:

The Braun Identity Collection Spin Juicer J500 Black features an anti-drip system, preventing any messy spills or drips on your countertop. This thoughtful design ensures a clean and hassle-free juicing experience. You can focus on enjoying your juice without worrying about the aftermath.

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