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Ariston Instant Electric Geyser Classico 4528 Series , Minimum 3000 Watts

  • 220V-240V/ 3000/5000/7000 Watts L-M-H
  • Italian Design
  • Waterproof/Splashproof
  • Double safety thermostat
  • Temperature electronic control
  • What’s in the box ( pipe, shower, tap accessories)
  • Made in Italy/China
  • 1-year warranty


Ariston Instant Electric Geyser Classico 4528 Series , Minimum 3000 Watts

There is always room for improvement in the design and usage of water heaters and they are getting innovations with every passing day. Hence, the Ariston Electric Instant Geyser Aures Series, 3500 Watts is the ultimate instant water heater with a shower installed in your bathroom. Moreover, the safety features are boundless in terms of a double safety thermostat and being waterproof/splashproof. The small and optimized design takes up minimum space in your bathroom. An electronic temperature control module is present to give you precision in setting and the exact temperature.

Furthermore, it operates at 240 Volts and comes in 3 variants; 3kW, 6.5 kW, 10.5kW, and 13kW. It has a compact size and is more energy-efficient. It is a Thailand-made brand with an Italian design philosophy. Hence, it gives you the best blend of performance and energy consumption.

Massive Energy For Instant Heating and Safety

Instant water heater operates on 3500 Watts and 240 Volts which is massive but saves time and energy as it is to be used only when required. Hence, it is installed inside the bathroom because of its small size and shower attached; safety is the main concern. Thus, waterproof/splashproof decreases the risk of electrocution.

Elegant Design

Ariston Instant Water heater shows Italian design philosophy in its every curve. It is small and takes less space but gives maximum output in terms of hot water. It comes with a gauge that adjusts the temperature. There is a temperature gauge that controls temperature and shows it on a digital screen.

What’s In The Box?

The box contains a shower, pipe, and water heater. All the accessories are simple and easy to install with no bounded difficulties. Moreover, this Malaysian brand is known for its elegant design and power saving. Because more power is used for a shorter period. As a result, efficiency is not compromised with energy-saving.

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