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Gas Room Heaters 

As winter is just around the corner, gas heaters will be a need for almost every household. The usage of gas heaters in Pakistan has always been a trend. They never go out of fashion. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep their house warm and cozy in the chilly weather? We all do! Let’s have a look at some benefits you can get using gas heaters. 

Benefits of Using Gas Heaters

  • Gas heaters are cost-effective. They are cheaper to run as compared to electric ones. 
  • Gas heaters are environment friendly as natural gas offers a low emission contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • Gas heaters quickly heat large places.

Which gas heaters are best?

Canon’s gas heaters are leading in Pakistan as they are economical.

Canon 262 Gas Room Heater

Canon 262 gas room heater is among the best-selling gas heaters in Pakistan. It comes with a single-plate regulator and works on auto-ignition. The exterior is coated with high-quality enameled paint. This Japanese gas heater price in Pakistan is very reasonable.

Canon 815S Gas Room Heater 

The Canon 815S gas heater is equipped with two plates. With its attractive and graceful look, it works on the principle of auto-ignition. It has an auto shut-off feature which means it is a safe heating device to use during load-shedding. This gas heater price in Pakistan is more than the single plate heaters. 

Canon 152-A Gas Room Heater

The Canon 152-A gas heater is a Balti model meaning you can pick it up using the handle. It has a white plate with auto-ignition. 

MNS Electronics provides a huge range of gas heaters. The gas heater price in Pakistan varies according to the model. We provide Rennai gas heaters which are more luxurious and smart on confirmed orders as well. The Rinnai gas heaters price in Pakistan depends on the model you purchase. 

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