M&S Electronics has a price policy that will make your shopping experience with us better than any other E-commerce website in Pakistan. We guarantee that our products always have the most competitive pricing and if you think we are not giving you the best deal, you can compare the prices.

This policy stands for every product displayed on our website. If you can find a similar product under the same conditions e.g warranty policy, same model number that has a lower asking price than M&S Electronics we will give it to you on the same price.

We aim to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the user experience and this policy is also a step towards the same.

This is just to make sure that our customers have complete trust in us and something sets M&S Electronics apart from the competition.

This policy is applicable to all M&S Electronics products if not specified otherwise. It is applicable when the product you are comparing price of is available and in stock. There should not be comparisons between promotional prices as that is under specific terms and conditions only. The product should be exactly similar along with the manufacturing year and model. This is not applicable for demo pieces, open boxes and/or refurbished products.

The policy also does not apply to typographical errors and thus price should be shown along with proof. All you have to do is give us the name and contact information of the shop where you found a cheaper product and our customer care team will do the rest.