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How to buy from M&S on Leasing?

The process is easy and one scree. Simply go to, choose your required product, and slide towards checkout. There, you will find payment options, which will give you the effect on 4 to 6 months’ lease. Buy now, pay later. You will find all support from Qisstpay at M&S Electronics.

Can I use QisstPay without a debit/credit card?

QisstPay can only work on all VISA/MasterCard. Hence, It would be impossible for an online store to work with cash payments. We hope you will find this feasible and enjoy electronic wire transfers.

Do PayPal, PayPak, or Union Pay Cards work for this?

Unfortunately, Only VISA/MasterCard’s are acceptable of all banks. PayPal and Union Pay cards are not in our business.

Which bank’s debit/credit cards can be used?

Good for you that M&S electronics accept VISA/MasterCard from all banks. There is no one specific Bank for our wire transfers.

How many installment options are there?

There are two types of installment plans by QisstPay

  1. Pay in 4 (For Debit & Credit Card Holders)
    Pay in 4 installments for items between Rs. 1,500 & Rs. 50,000 (Any Debit & Credit Card).
  2. Pay in 6 (For Credit Card Holders)
    Pay in 6 installments for items between Rs. 5,000 & Rs. 500,000 (Any Credit Card).

What is the payment method?

Payment method comprises of two models; pay in 4 months or 6 months. A 4-month model applies on items worth between 1500 to 50,000 ( debit or credit cards), and a 6-month model ( Only credit cards) applies to items value between 5000 to 500,000. Once you enter your Debit/MasterCard on QisstPay, the first payment will be your first installment. Then, you have to pay four installments for a four-month lease model and six installments for a six-month lease model in total. In Addition, QisstPay will automatically deduct payment every month on the due date until it’s your last month.

Is there any interest other than product price?

M&S cares for its customers and tries to make everything crystal clear. There are no hidden charges and the processing fees would be 10% first time only which is really meager. Overall pricing would be much acceptable for you as compared to conventional installment plans in the market. Hence, every electronics wire transfer will be according to your Bank’s Debit/MasterCard policy.

I am unable to do successful transactions or Why Qisstpay portal is declining my card

This is probably because of wrong information being input at the Qisstpay payment portal. Please be aware Qisstpay is using very intelligent checks during the checkout process. So always input the same Email and Mobile number that you use for communication with the respective bank.

What will be the lead time of delivery of purchased goods?

Usually, it takes 3-5 working days depending on the location you have mentioned, if your area is far from listed areas ( Major Cities) of cargo companies then it will take more time to be delivered as compared to usual.

Will M&S Electronics dispatch my order instantly after my payment is made to QisstPay?

We will wait for approval from QisstPay for the payment clearance and order dispatching within 24 to 72 hours. Altogether it will take a max of 5 working days ( Payment clearance + delivery time ) to be delivered your order to your doorstep. Please be worry less and wait for your order with patience.

How many products can I buy from my VISA or Master Card?

You can book 1 product from one card depending on what limit is used? As you keep paying the lease every month you will get an available limit message from Qisstpay. Or you check the new shopping limit from Qisstpay App too.

How can I return a leased product?

Unfortunately, M&S doesn’t support any return regardless of Qisstpay itself is intimated to us. However, as much we love our customers, we will do our best to resolve any issues you might encounter to make customer care effective.

When will the customer be refunded after cancellation or return?

The amount is wired back to the customer’s account after the return or cancellation of their product. Furthermore, any due payment of the future will also be neutralized. Hence, it usually takes between 14-21 days, depending upon your bank.


Any unauthentic, unauthorized use of the card will be considered theft, fraud, perjury and will be declined or reversed. This might end up in account deactivation and other charges to which Qisstpay is entitled.

Qisstpay is an affiliate partner with M&S Electronics for leasing purposes

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