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SBS (Step-By-Step) Payments, Installment plans with Bank Alfalah QR Code


Installment types with Alfa QR Code

  1. Pay in 3 installments at 0% Markup                      (One-time processing Fee 5.5%)
  2. Pay in 6 installments at 0% Markup                      (One-time processing Fee 8%)
  3. Pay in 9 installments at 0% Markup                      (One-time processing Fee 10%)
  4. Pay in 12 installments at 0% Markup                    (One-time processing Fee 12%)

How does it work With Bank Alfalah QR Code?

The process is very simple and scree, select any product from and place the order with “Payment method” ” Cash on delivery” at checkout. You will get the total order amount to be paid e.g ( Rs. 100,000 ). So Installments will be made on (100,000 + DC + Processing fee)

Now follow the installment process as mentioned below.

  1. Scan QR via Alfa App ( Provided by M&S)
  2. Select “Credit Card” and enter the amount
  3. Click “Yes” to Pay in Installments
  4. Select your desired tenure & click proceed
  5. Accept “Terms and Conditions”
  6. The transaction is successful.

Terms and conditions:

  • Pay in installments option by scanning QR will only be available for credit card customers (source of payment should be a credit card).
  • Pay in installments by scanning QR will be available for transaction amounts more than PKR 3,000.
  • If the customer chooses to pay in installments, his credit card limit equal to the transaction amount will be locked for tenure selected by the customer.
  • The customer will receive the confirmation SMS for the SBS booking within 3 days.
  • No markup will be charged.
  • Processing Fees ranging from 0-12% will be charged on the transaction amount.
  • The pre-closure penalty will be applied as per SOC.

How It will be billed after the transaction.

A one-time processing fee will be charged by the bank and will be appeared in your monthly statement of a credit card. For example, if your billing date is 3rd July-2022 and you have scanned the QR Code by 4th July-2022, processing free % and the first installment will be deducted and shown in the statement by 3rd Aug-2022 next month.

Is there any interest other than product price?

M&S cares for its customers and tries to make everything crystal clear. There are no hidden charges but the processing fees would be really meager as mentioned above ( Processing fee structure mentioned by Bank Alfalah). Overall M&S pricing would be much more acceptable for you than conventional installment plans in the market. Hence, every electronics wire transfer will be according to your Bank’s Debit/MasterCard policy. M&S Electronics is offering Buy now pay later on Pakistan’s largest platforms to shop with.

Can I buy with a Debit Card from Alfa QR Code?

Unfortunately not, installment plans will be made on Bank Alfalah credit cards only.

Can I buy with any other bank’s credit card from Alfa QR Code?

Unfortunately not, but Bank Alfalah is working on a scenario like this and will be launched soon

What is the lead time of delivery of my order?

First, you have to wait for the SBS plan to be implemented by the bank in your case. then usually, it takes 3-5 working days depending on the location you have mentioned, if your area is far from listed areas– Major Cities of cargo companies, then it will take more time to be delivered as compared to usual.

Will M&S Electronics dispatch my order instantly after my payment is made from Bank Alfalah QR Code?

We will wait for approval from Bank Alfalah for the payment clearance and order dispatching within 24 to 72 hours. Altogether it will take a max of 5-7 working days ( Payment clearance + delivery time ) to be delivered your order to your doorstep. Please worry less and wait for your order with patience.

How can I be notified of the remaining installments?

You will be notified via SMS and email monthly from Bank Alfalah for the installment you have paid and the remaining installments in your statement of a credit card. Moreover, the bank will call you for verification/information about the installment plans that have been made.

How can I return a leased product?

Unfortunately, M&S doesn’t support any return regardless of what Bank Alfalah’s intimated to us. However, as much we love our customers, we will do our best to resolve any issues you might encounter to make customer care effective.

When will the customer be refunded after cancellation or return?

The amount is wired back to the customer’s account. Furthermore, any due payment of the future will also be neutralized. Hence, it usually takes between 14-21 days, depending upon your bank. Returned amount will be added to your respective brand’s wallet which you use at any other purchase.

How the repayments will be done?

The good news is you don’t need to do anything for the repayment of installments every month. Bank Alfalah already holds the complete amount at the transaction and it will deduct the installment on every billing date and open the limit for shopping.


Any unauthentic, unauthorized use of the card will be considered theft, fraud, or perjury and will be declined or reversed. This might end up in account deactivation and other charges to which Bank Alfalah is entitled.

Bank Alfalah is an affiliate partner with M&S Electronics for buy now pay later plans of installments “

Or you can buy in installments from M&S Shop on AlfaMall by Bank Alfalah through Alfalah Credit cards.

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